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Higher Ground

Higher GroundLittle Bourke St., CBD, Melbourne Meal: Breakfast There was a waiting list of 45 minutes to get in. For breakfast. I'd almost lost hope, but hey, there are so many perks to being a solo traveler! I got in in 10 minutes because a single chair had opened up and I was thrilled.So I normally get confused when I'm given a menu (ask my friends), and I hit a new extreme here. I was torn between the Avocado Sea Cracker (with macadamia feta, mojo verde, poached eggs and seaweed), the Slow Cooked Beans (with pea and spinach sauce, poached eggs, feta, sourdough and hazelnut crumb), and the Warm Polenta and Cornflakes (with stracciatella ice cream, banana, marzipan and honey).Well, you can't have it ALL, right, so after much deliberation, I went with the Slow Cooked Beans and a hot chocolate, and I was transported to heaven and back with every bite. The flavours went together beautifully, the eggs burst open magnificently (oozy eggs FTW!), the feta and hazelnut crumb added a contrast in flavour and texture, and somehow, it all just fit. As for the hot chocolate, ah well. I DREAM ABOUT IT TILL TODAY!