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Melbourne VIC

MelbourneThe First thing You should have when you land in Australia is Opal card. Not only it makes the travelling easy(used for public transport) but it also saves you money. Another popular mode of public transport here is Tram. There are 'free tram zones' in the city and I would recommend it is one of the best ways to see the major attractions of the city.
Gypsy Couple
Rishabh’s tryst with Melbourne city started way back in his 9th Standard where his class was supposed to do a project for their Geography class for a country of their choice. The country he chose to work on was Australia and it really easy falling in love with Melbourne city. But as with all childhood crushes, it didn’t quite last long. Life went its way and we had several smaller but non meaningful affairs with various other cities; some we ended up living in for a period of time and some we researched to live in when favorable circumstances arose.
Dhawal Pagay
Melbourne!I do not want to go ahead and outline my experiences of the ‘famous’ places that I visited, I say that because these places are well known and are mentioned in most travel journals and websites. Thus, destinations which can be recommended only by the natives of the area, is what I will try to put across as it usually are these places that I try to visit, during my vacations. To kick things off, one must visit the ‘Torquay Beach’ in Victoria. This low key beach is famous among the locals, the shore breaking off into a coastal area in the form of a right handed curve, providing absolutely textbook conditions for surfing. Its strategic location allows the Southwesterly Winds to blow across the waves, enabling them to sit up and stay that ways for longer durations of time, thereby providing conducive conditions for novice and intermediate level surfers.