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Old Melbourne Gaol

Sneha Vashist
Few places take you down the history lane and give you a sneak peek into a different era. Old Melbourne gaol was one of those. Let me tell you first. Gaol is pronounced as jail. Difficult to believe? But yes that's how it's enunciated. Indeed, English is funny language. Coming to the point, I would like to mention that this place had a very uncanny and creepy feel about it. But this gaol also provides you insightful information on the lives of the prisoners who spent their life in these cells and in particular about Ned Kelly, the notorious bush ranger of the 18th century. The watch house tour is also pretty fascinating which gives you the real life crime and justice experience. Getting arrested and being thrown into the cells to give you a feel about how prison life would have been was so entertaining. Definitely, this place is worth a visit.