Melukote Ahobila Yatri Nivas

Ayushee Chaudhary
Melukote is a small ancient town and not so much pf a tourist destination yet. You can check for rooms in Melukote Ahobila Yatri Nivass or Bagur Yathri Nivas. You are also likely to spot some guest house like the Yadhugiri Guest House near Upper Temple where you will get rooms at a very low price, beginning from ₹500. However, since Melukote is only about 50 km from Mysuru, it is advised to stay in Mysuru for better and more accommodation options.Know of any other place that deserves a spot on this list? Click here to share your magical travel tales with the Tripoto Community right away! Get travel inspiration from us daily! Save and send a message at 9599147110 on Whatsapp to start.