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Karanji Lake

It was a grand Cathedral, and we got the actual flavor of a Church as it was Christmas. Unfortunately, inside photography was prohibited, so that's all I have. After the Cathedral our destination was Karanji Lake. Which was 9 km from the Cathedral.It was more of a park than a lake. We did cycling, bird watching, boating etc.After a lot of physical activity in the Park, we thought we would make it to Chamundi Hills but we had our train at 8.30 PM and it was almost 7.15 PM and we had return our bike as well. So to compensate Chamundi Hills we went to a wax museum (thinking that we will take photos with Shah Rukh Khan wax statue) but all in vain, the museum was about all musical instruments.And like all good things, this trip also came to an end and we had to return Bangalore. We boarded the train and reached Bangalore at midnightThis trip had all kind of madness-es, new experiences, ups and downs. But it gave me peace, happiness and #sukoon (Mental Peace/Tranquillity), what we die to get here.This is my very 1st blog post. Your suggestions are welcomed. If you like my post please Like it and if you want me to write more such stuff please mention it in the Comments Section. Stay hooked on for more such posts coming really soon. Until then keep Expressing all my loving Trippers !-ExpressiveTripper#travelpost #bangaloreblogger #trlogger #bacpacker #travelbug #runningawayfromcrowd #wanderlust #bangaloreblogger #travelgasm #tripper
Subhadeep Banerjee
Beautiful place for bird lovers.