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Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum

Sahad Mk
The climate became so hot as hell. We decided to return back to the room after visiting the Sand Museum and Wax museum. The museum wasn't far away. There wasn't anything much to see. Just clicked some photos of the sand sculptures.
Mysore Sand sculpture museum:Unique and interesting museum.Amazing Sand sculptures.Nearby chamundi hills road.After sometime a mini traveller bus arrived with a malayali family. The entrance opened and the family rushed in. I took a ticket and went in. There stood a huge pile of sand which had sculptures carved with an elegant and awesome way. It was so real and creative. The way she had done the work we could see how much effort she had put in to make it all possible. I was amazed as I took a tour around the area. I saw Ganesh idol, horses, laughing Buddha, horror theme, Santa Claus, mermaid theme, Islam theme, save animals theme etc and all were fantastic. I was happy that I had got a chance to look at that beautiful work.