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Namdroling Monastery Golden Temple

Sandhya Gawde
You can also get a feel of Tibetan culture over here you can visit a golden temple which Namdroling Monastery.
Krishnan T P
Bylakuppe has many Buddhist camp's numbered from 1 to 15, with almost 6 main temples. Camp 4 has the Golden Temple (Namdroling Monastery). The view of the monastery was so beautiful and very devotional. Spent nearly an hour in this beautiful praying for some times. Then the surrounding place along the monastery was also worth visiting.
We reached Kushalnagar at around 2 pm. We had lunch at a small food joint (only veg food) at the Monastery campus and went to visit Namdroling Monastery. It is a huge seat for Buddhist education in India and one of the largest monasteries in India. The peace one feels inside is unmatched by other experiences.
Nancy Johri
Harika Palaparthi
The Golden Temple - Namdroling Monastery