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Chennakesava Temple

Swati Jain
Chennakesava Temple: Located on the banks of Cauvery River, Chennakesava Temple was built in 1268 by Somnatha, a general of King Narasimha III. The temple stands on a raised platform like other Hoysala temples. Chennakesava is one of the three famous & finest representations of Hoysala architecture, the other two being temples at Belur & Halebidu.
Samson Joseph
This travelogue is more a photo blog of my visit to one of the architectural wonders, Chennakeshava Temple, Belur. Often named with its twin town, Halebeedu, Belur forms the core of the Hoysala architecture that emanates extraordinary levels of architectural finesse. They say that it takes couple of months to study these two temples in detail. Here is a taste of Belur