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Devaraja Urs Market

Chetali Dh
Let's get to the roots of South....and what better than visiting "Devaraja Market"!! The essence of Local culture, the aroma of Mysore is here. Devaraja Market is local market of Mysore. Filled with colors of life. The narrow lanes are filled with wedding garlands, gajra's, ample varieties of other flowers, Holi colors, spices, huge vegetables and fruits market. Situated next to the City Bus stand.Tale of the Local Boy- This boy in picture below was so avid to see my Mini-Tripod!! His mind was constantly struggling... what the hell is this??? As I caught his eyes and smiled; much relieved, he tenderly asked....."pointing towards my Tripod".....Whats's this??? With explanation, I took his permission to click him. Shy but happy, boy looked into my camera to give his best shot.