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Hotel Orignal Vinayaka Mylari

I noticed the name of this restaurant which was written on the notice board of the Mansion and went on for it which was very nearby. It is a very small sized old restaurant, specialist in butter dosa. Just butter dosa and a cup of coffee was so filling. Just take a look at the Google reviews for this restaurant.
After having one of the best sleeps of my life I woke up before the world of mansion ( hostel where I stayed ). Everyone were still sleeping so I didn't want to disturb them and also my alarm was still dreaming so I checked about my destinations for the day. I desperately wanted to taste Mysore dosa. Checked for nearby hotels and found some which open as early as 6:30 am. That's what I wanted. Finish breakfast by 7:00 am and start today's journey. After sometime my alarm rang and I woke up and straight away went into bathroom and finished my daily routine. Dressed up, checked my bag, filled my water bottle and opened maps and followed towards my first stop. After walking for 10 minutes I found the hotel mylari which is the popular place for breakfast in Mysore. I went in and there were already 5-6 guys waiting for to grab their breakfast.Hotel mylari:Famous for Mysore dosa.Small hotel with magnificent taste.Let your taste buds have a treat.A small rectangular shaped hotel with around 10 tables set parallel in the room with kitchen at the last. Not a fancy 3 star or 5 star hotel but what I was looking for was taste and not the ambience. Waited for 5-10 minutes as they were preparing the dosas. Then a guy came and asked for the order. All I was thinking about was the taste of dosa and I put that thought out asking for a masala dosa. He went back without any doubt about my order. As I waited for dosa I checked how I could reach my first place like a local but not as a fancy tourist. I got the information what I was looking for.There came my dosa. A rather small but thick dosa which was filled with sagu inside and a bit of butter on the top and coconut chutney to munch with dosa. I took a medium piece of it dig it into chutney and put in my mouth. Wawwww. That thing just melted in my mouth. That was delicious. I had four of them without any thought in my mind. My taste buds were happy and were dancing happily like a chipmunk which got it favorite food. I ordered coffee and drank it. Left the place happily paying the amount.I went on my way passing through streets to the bus stop to take a bus towards the next stop. The bus came after a short wait & I got in & took my window seat. I passed through empty roads surrounding with greenery all around. After a thrilling ride for about 45 minutes, I reached chamundi hill. At the height of above 3500mts a hilltop with a temple which was amazing in terms of architecture and rich in its history. The only reason I visit temples is for the peace I get when I just sit inside the temple. The calmness, the positivity, the ambience take my heart rate to normal and make peace in my mind.
Prateek Dham
There can only be one place for lunch in Mysore – Vinayaka Mylari. Their dosais are to die for.