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Hotel RRR

Heena Kohli
It’s already 4 by the time I leave the palace. On the way back, I come across a local restaurant, Hotel RRR, that seems to have been beckoning me to try out their typical Tamil food! Here, they serve food on a long banana leaf. The platter is luscious, all decked up with rice, daal, rasam, sambhar, kofte, curd and sabudana kheer (made of tapioca pearls). And I savor it well with all my fingers digging in! ????
Hotel RRR:Best for non vegetarian food.Unique aroma.Crowded and less place.I took another auto to hotel RRR, famous for lunch and its unique taste of biryani. After reaching there it was packed liked a crowded city bus of Hyderabad and people hanging on near the entrance for their chance. I decided it would be a miracle if there is a chance to get a seat for myself and decided to take parcel. I ordered for chicken biryani, waited and took it. I walked to new room which was nearby from there using google maps help. I reached my new place, checked in and locked myself in my new room.A square shaped room with a big enough bed for a thin person like me with a TV to my left and a mirror in front of me and a very small rectangle shaped bathroom were at my service. I freshened up and had biryani. It was tasty and had its unique aroma. Had some rest after that as I was tired after that walk on the hill and in the palace. woke up and decided to go to st.philomena cathedral. Had tea and walked to bus stop. Got into bus and took ticket and started joyrney. After 20-25 minutes I reached nearest stop to the cathedral. I walked through streets and finally reached the destination.St. Philomena cathedral:Gothic architecture.Calm and peaceful.Underground chamber.The huge and magnificent church which looked like a triangle from outside and peaceful from inside. As the prayer was going on tourists were not allowed into the church. Stood at the entrance listening to the prayer. Took a tour around the church looking at the statues and a cave like hall where people lighting candles and praying. I sat near the church for some time taking photos and relaxing. After a long waiting I went into the church and looked at its interior beauty. The place was so calm and peaceful. There was a small way to the underground where names of the people who donated money were carved on the walls all around. The music which was playing in the underground was so soothing. I stood there listening to music for sometime.I came out and it was already dark. I thought to go to palace at night one more time so I went to nearby bus stop and waited for the bus. I had a thought that palace might be closed by the time I go there but I didn't have nothing else to do so I decided to give it a try. By the time I reached no one were there and the lights were off. I looked at glow less palace but it still looked magnificent. After a quick look I went back towards my room.While going back I had noodles and sweets for my dinner. Noodles were meh but sweets were tasty. I looked at the market at its sleeping time. Shops were already closed and some were shutting down. I went to my room deciding to call it a day and sleep so that i can enjoy tomorrow's journey more than today's.All days of my way to Mysore :Day 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -