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Mysore - Bangalore Road

Anil Kumar
Rasta Café: A Night out till 3.00 a.m.Approximately 50 kms from Bangalore, this is the most favourite place for everyone in the city. Rasta Café has been set up with an inspirations from the Rastafarian setting which is built on the pillars of brotherhood, love, unity, respect, and peace along with the colours and music which bring alive an ambience that is vibrant and yet relaxed. The vibrancy of this place has been attracting youth for many years now and the café also acts as a pit stop for someone who is on a long drive via Mysore road. The place has pool tables to spend time in groups and there is also a hookah and non hookah sections depending on what you want. Open for 20 hours a day till 4.a.m. in the morning the menu is so delicious here with continental cuisines like Pasta Arrabiata, Peri Peri Fries, Chicken Bbq Burger, Veg Sandwich, Pizza, Burgers to offer. A simple coffee is also fine at a mid night after a lovely breezy ride.