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Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens

The zoo was very well-maintained, had all common, endangered and exotic animals and birds. The zoo is spread out through a vast area of 157 acres and it took me about 4 hours to cover all of it. Then I headed to the Mysore Palace, but it had closed down by that time (5:30 pm is the closing time). So decided to go to the Wax Museum since there was still some time before dark. The entrance fee costs Rs 40, and it's a very small museum. The museum is very average, and unless you're a big fan of wax art, you can very well give this a miss.After the wax museum, I headed to Hotel Vinayaka Mylari for Mysore Dosa. Two food blogs had recommended masala dosa from this place. And the place did not disappoint. I was served my dosa within 30 seconds of me sitting at the table. I was still searching for the menu, when they brought my meal. I then got to know that dosa is all they had. Within 10 seconds of me starting my meal, the waiter asked whether I wanted another one! Quickest service I've ever seen, by far. Yes, I definitely took another one. The dosa is so soft, buttery and melts so smoothly in your mouth, you can't have just one.I topped my dinner with Mysore's best filter coffee ( as per another food blog) from Hotel Siddarth. I can't say whether it's the best that Mysore had to offer, but the hotel restaurant is definitely worth going to, just for that coffee. I had it again the next morning.After the coffee, I went to my hostel and watched the FIFA World Cup 2018 third place match. What was supposed to be a 90 minute chill session turned into intense 4 hour conversation over wine with my amazing hostelmates. That's the best part about hostels. It brings people so close, and gets them so comfortable, within just hours of them seeing each other.
157 acre zoo with a lake.Walk for 2-3 hours.Various species and big enclosures.I took an auto to zoo park. Took ticket and got past the entry gate. What followed was a long walk around the zoo looking at birds like parrots, sparrows, horn bill, sea birds etc and animals like monkeys, lions, tigers, cheetah, jaguar, elephant, hippopotamus, giraffe, chimpanzee etc. The zoo was organized very well giving enough space to the animals and enclosures for big cats and elephants. It took around 2-3 hours to cover all the places. There were water falls inside the zoo which was like a selfie spot for many of the youngsters. The walk was refreshing and thrilling when big animals were coming close to us. The day has fallen down by the dark sky and the darkness loomed. I sat near the exit looking at a giant giraffe for sometime and left the place with an experience i would remember till my last breath.Mysore palace at night: