Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Ashram

Sri Ganapathi sachidananda ashram :Lots of templesBirds parkBonsoi GardenLots of walkingI came back to city bus stand and took another bus to reach ganapathi sachidananda ashram which was my next place to visit. Found the location after a bit of confusion. This place had a birds park especially parrots, garden where small tress were kept as exhibants and a gallery where huge collection of variety of things gifted to swamiji from all over the world by his followers were organized in two floors. It was so huge and had lots and lots of things. It would have taken whole day if I had closely observed all the things. I took a quick look around the area and observed those which were asking attention. Came out after a quick walk and walked out to bus stop to take a bus for my next location.After some waiting the bus arrived and I spent my journey looking at the streets, shops, people walking beside the road. I had to walk a bit after reaching the bus stop to reach jaganmohan palace. I walked in from the gate towards the ticket room and along the way I saw the malayali family waiting there. I went to collect the ticket but was greeted with a disappointment. There was a power failure and entry was not allowed. I thought to wait but the guys there were waiting for above 45 minutes. I came out and made a decision to visit rail museum and come back here after that.