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Namkhana Ferry Ghat

The river was flowing in its fullest speed and there were fishing boats around and we crossed that river just standing on the boat. On the other side we had to pay the tax as well which was Re 1 , unbelievable!!!Note: If you are going by your own car you will have to wait in a line to cross by the ferry so the other options are:Option 1: take a train from Howrah to Namakhana, cross the river by the passenger boat and take a cab or bus to Bakkhali.Option 2: Take cab till Namakhana nead the ferry point and take cross the river by the boat and then bus or cab to Bakkhali.Option 3: Take a bus till Namakhana and cross the river by boat and the take another bus or cab from the other side of the river to Bakkhali.Then we went to the bus stand where instead of waiting for the bus we opted a van as we were getting impatient to reach there. In 40 minutes we were at the gate of our hotel. It was Hotel Ambravati. Went to our rooms got fresh and ready to hit the beach it was dusk. The beach was not more than 400 meters away.