Narita International Airport

Lucy Plummer
Tokyo has two main airports; Narita Airport and Haneda Airport. From Narita Airport, for a cost of 3000 YEN (2000 rupees), or free with the Japan Rail Card (JRC) (more details to follow), and 90 mins of your time, you’ll be in the city centre. From Haneda Airport it’s 410 YEN (270 rupees) and 15 minutes.The Tokyo Subway is the easiest and most efficient way of exploring Tokyo. Consisting of 285 stations across 13 different lines the thought of using it can be quite daunting. Fear not however, it’s very user-friendly and all signage has an English translation underneath and with lots of comical graphics and signs it can be very entertaining to use.The Yamanote Line runs a continuous loop around central Tokyo stopping at all the major stations. Everywhere I wanted to visit was located on this line and you can pick it up going in either direction. Single journey fares start from around 130 YEN (80 rupees).Being prepared could save you a lot of moneyIf you’re planning to continue your travels outside of Tokyo then it’s worth getting a Japanese Rail Pass (JRP). These passes are available exclusively for tourists from outside of Japan and must be purchased before arrival in Japan. They aren’t available to residents of Japan and you can’t buy them once you’ve arrived. Also, if you have a JRP then you can ride the Yamanote Line for free!Things to see and do