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Vidhi Bubna
Last week I went to the Baris in GK. I can personally vouch for the fact that the restaurant serves some of the best Turkish food in Delhi. I learnt various new facts about Turkish cuisine when I visited Baris. They use curd in a lot of their dishes and I personally love the flavour a lot. They have a soup which uses curd as the key ingredient. First, I thought of it and the idea did not excite me a lot. But when I tried it I was awed by the flavour. The vibe of the restaurant is both Persian and Arabian. They also have belly dancers and live music on some days. You must try this place if you are in town for sure. Turkish food is very hard to find in India anyway. There are very few restaurants offering such cuisine and Baris sure rises to the top of them all. It has a peculiar vibe that gets to you as soon as you enter the place. There was light music which was playing in the background and The interiors are a mixture of Arabic and Turkish. The place reminded me of Belly dancers, snake charmers and sand dunes in deserts as soon as I entered it. The feel was very refreshing because the restaurant has very elegant interiors. In our fast moving lives, we often forget to keep space for new experiences and go ahead with the monotony of the old ones. Baris was a new experience for me which I thoroughly enjoyed. Personal experience : didn’t try reading the menu because it was too confusing and ended up asking the waiter for all the suggestions (you won’t be able to pronounce most of the dishes right anyway, but surely worth a try!) They know what’s best at their restaurant.