Chadar Trek Ladakh- Trekking in Ladakh

Venkat Ganesh
3. Apply for leave at your workplaceAfter having tweaked the holiday calendar to your needs and having a rough idea where you want to go apply for leave at your workplace. The earlier you do this better. In fact, I suggest that you do it right now. Or within this week. Before 01 Jan 2017 at the latest. The reason being, you can plan your work in such a way that you’re able to hit the road as you rightfully deserve. Also having a goal in sight is always something to keep you motivated to work in such a way that nothing comes between you and your holiday.I’ve never understood when people have said “Oh! My boss will never approve my leaves” Their response is immediate. As soon as I suggest something. Even if that plan is two months ahead. Why the hell not? You’re entitled to whatever paid holidays your company offers. Come next year these same people have encashed their leaves or carried them forward and are ranting the same thing again.