Vidhi Bubna
I went to Cafe pluck which is on the lower level and heard loud music. This led me to go to Honk club which is on the lower level of the hotel. There was a techno party at the hotel and I enjoyed that a lot. I was there till 4 AM. Though I was drowsy and I felt like I would crash at the nightclub itself, I stayed back and enjoyed the music. I loved to take in the vibe of the capital city which boasts to be the party city too. Though Mumbai competes with it, Mumbai and Delhi by far have the best party scene in Delhi.I went back to my hotel room after this. I relaxed in the room. Looking at the bathtub in my room made me plan the next day. I knew I would use the tub first thing in the morning and I would probably sit in the bathtub and enjoy my morning tea there. Bed in breakfast is always a luxury and where else if not Delhi.