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I.G.I Airport

Dharvi Dogra
|| Departure, Terminal 1, I.G.I. Airport ||I was really nervous about the night. I spent the entire day in office fidgeting, trying hard to focus and failing terribly at it. Moments before I had to leave, it starts to rain. I was consumed in all sorts of weird 'what ifs'.What if something happens to the flight?What if my flight gets delayed?What if I miss my train?What if...?You name one mishap and chances are that I thought about it happening to me.Yes, this was my first time traveling alone. Without parents or without anyone I knew. This was my glorious moment of traveling SOLO. I was not letting anyone ruin this for me, not even myself.So I shook the clouds of doubt and braced myself for the night.As expected, all the roads were blocked due to the blessings of the Rain God. But I was not going to take any chances with my flight. So I chose the metro (Magenta line) as my commute. I covered the 1.5 hours distance in 30 minutes, and I am still proud of my decision.After dropping off at Terminal 1, I walked towards the departure gate. My friend Poonam was to see me off, but she was running late (as usual :p). So I kept waiting outside, scared and excited about the things unknown.Finally after 20 minutes of waiting she came. We met and talked, and she made me believe that I have my shit together. She got me a cute doodle of me and wished me luck, and then I went in.There was no turning back from this now.With all the jittery feelings along with a dash of adrenaline I boarded my flight not knowing what was in store for me.