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IGI Airport Terminal 3 Metro Station

Nilesh Choudhry
I must thank Tripoto for giving me such a opportunity to express my self . I poured my heart and soul into this content,this was my best performance until now. Anyone who is reading this might have understood this. Although i am writing this content at 2am in the midnight ie 5 sept 2018 , but my brain is still stuck in Havelock.VOILA !!KUDOS !!
Abhra Ghosh
On 7th morning, I was ready to enjoy my first solo trip to the Land of High Passes. The flight was on time.*Note: Always do web check-in for a flight to Leh and grab the window seat. Don't wait for the airport check-in, as if you missed the window, you will miss the opportunity to see, how the heaven looks like from above.Now, I won't describe the experience of the flight in words. Instead, the pictures do the honor.