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JEFFURRY'S: The Pet Resort

Sukruti Gandham
For those who have met her, the one quality that stands out is her love for running. An Italian Greyhound and Terrier mix she is high energy, agile and extremely fast. And as a part of my 2019 New Year's resolution, I want to travel/experience one destination each month ideally with my little furball, so I am on a constant lookout for pet-friendly places in and around Delhi to give her the time and space to freak out. For our April travels, we decided to do a day trip to my current favorite pet resort, Jeffurry's.About 1.5-hour drive from home with traffic, Jeffurry's is a massive Pet Resort, inclusive of Boarding, Pool, Café, Grooming, Pet Store, Vet and other facilities near Rohtak. Run by a lovely couple and their two amazing mascots Jeffurry and Mazza, the luxurious property has ample space for dogs to run around while being safe and secure. Each and every little detail in this property has been carefully designed to optimize the stay of your pet and you can clearly see the love and affection the staff has towards the wellbeing of dogs of all shapes, sizes, and demeanor.