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Majnu ka Tilla

This is a place where there is a very old Tibetian Settlement and it is overall a nice place to be at. It is like a mini- Tibet inside New Delhi. They do not have many shopping options but it is really nice to know more about the culture and lifestyle of the people. There are however a number of good restaurants around the place.
Isha Saxena
Growing up, momos had started to become a common evening snack. My first encounter was at Dilli Haat with a bowl of hot Thukpa. Post, the momo culture became as common as it is today. And it so happened that I never visited the place that essentially popularized steamed dumplings in the city. Experiencing more and more Tibetan food and understanding how it is much more than the humble momo. My first visit to Majnu ka Tilla, essentially was quite exciting.Getting to Majnu ka TillaYour best bet is to take the metro till Vidhan Sabha Metro station. Followed by a shared rickshaw ride. Find your metro route here.ShopRanging from boutique stores, coolest shoewear to hand knit beanies, scarves and shawls. Think Mountain patterns, fleece pyjamas, and Korean stores much like Miniso. You would also find the streets sprawled with Tibetan ingredients, packets of Instant ramen, Tibetan cheese, and more.EatThere are tonnes to explore when it comes to food. From Shafale being sold in buckets, Mountain Cafes to Tibetan joints. Tried a bunch of interesting dumplings, thukpa at Dolma House and washed it all with coffee and desserts at Ama Cafe. Thukpa The clear noodle soup with meat broth served with steamed meat. This Tibetan soup traces its origins among the Eastern part of India and the neighbouring Tibet. Variants can also be found in Nepal. The clear soup makes for a healthy meal, especially in the Dilli ki Sardi. Choose your meat, and enjoy thukpa with a plat of steamed momos.
The Wolf Girl
We all woke up with a heavy heart since Delhi was around the corner and so was our dull and boring lives."The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life."McLeod Ganj and Triund can be visited umpteenth times. Every time you'll visit it, you'll encounter something unusual, fun and memorable.With loads of memories in my Happy Jar, it's time for me to sign off.Happy Travelling Peeps!All pictures are clicked by me and in no manner should be used anywhere else.For queries/collaborations please contact blogitraveller@gmail.comPlease shower some love. Wishlist.Share.Follow!
The Wolf Girl
"I would rather own little and see the world,than own the world and see little of it."Right when I was a little kid, my father imbibed inside me the difference between a tourist and a traveler.So, before you start onto my journey, here is something about me...A 22-year-old lost soul. That's the best part, because when you are lost you discover the most enthralling places. A B.Tech. graduate (because why not !????), working in an IT firm (duh!), mother of a notorious dog, novice photographer and a stubborn perfectionist (It’s a Capricorn thing!).Now that, you know me dear Reader, lets get started with this trip. My first attempt so bear with me.Tirthan Valley was in my bucket list forever, and coincidentally I bumped into Travel Triangle, an organisation that happened to be in telepathic sync with me in terms of travel destination. So, I took three friends with me, booked tickets and was equipped to feel Nature.From time to time I will also share my experience with Travel Triangle, so that all the novice travellers can figure out whether or not to take this service.We started our journey from Majnu ka Tilla (Delhi) at 7:30pm. The busses were quite nice. The short journey, approximately 3 hrs long from Majnu ka Tilla to Karnal was perfectly timed for a stoppage for dinner.We had packed some food for ourselves, so we served ourselves the same. After 30-45mins we resumed our journey. Oh! We did have an amazing session of J (Shivratri feels), so the night journey was amazing.Loads of laughter, stories, gossips and memories allowed us to sleep at peace.Adventures lined up for the next three days...
Sharangee Dutta
We started on 21st December 2018, which was a Friday. Our bus departed from Majnu Ka Tilla at 9.05 p.m. – and when I say 9.05, I mean sharp at 9.05 p.m. My boyfriend had given the idea of having a scrumptious dinner at one of the eateries in Majnu Ka Tilla. I was quite thrilled about gorging on good food but thanks to the mad traffic near Red Fort, I had to make do with some roadside chicken momos.The inside of the bus was oh-so-comfortable and as soon as we sat on our respective seats, we couldn’t stop giggling at each other. My boyfriend, Abhijit, constantly checked the temperature in Manali and my heart literally pounced against its walls in excitement.
Chirag Chakraborty
It all started from a bumpy ride on the way to Manali. I reached Majnu ka Tilla before time, and waited for my bus to Manali. As I was travelling alone, I booked an online tour group so that all the tents/buses were taken care of. The total package costed me around INR 6500.So late in the evening, we left from Majnu ka Tilla towards Manali. I met strangers on the way, we interacted. The bus stopped at few designated stops on the way for refreshments.