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Majnu ka Tilla

This is a place where there is a very old Tibetian Settlement and it is overall a nice place to be at. It is like a mini- Tibet inside New Delhi. They do not have many shopping options but it is really nice to know more about the culture and lifestyle of the people. There are however a number of good restaurants around the place.
rysha hamza
The TripFor the onward bus journey from Delhi to Dharamshala, we booked our tickets with Bedi Travels - one of the highly rated private bus operators in the region. The boarding point was Majnu ka Tilla - home to Delhi's very own Tibetan refugee camp complete with a Buddhist monastery, narrow alleys lined by hawkers selling Tibetan merchandise and cozy little cafes dishing out scrumptious food at unbelievably low prices. It was the perfect curtain-raiser for the drama about to enfold. We started from home a little after lunch and took the subway from the Botanical Garden Metro Station in the heart of Noida. Switching lines at Rajiv Chowk, we got off at Vidhan Sabha and hailed an e-rickshaw that took us to Majnu ka Tilla. Sinking into the other-worldly fervor of this not-so-elegant neighborhood of Delhi, we found our resting spot at Ama Cafe - a snug little joint frequented by college students, free-floaters and travelers alike for its delectable menu and casual ambiance. In a few hours, we were on our bus to Dharamshala, unable to contain our excitement as the vehicle screeched forward.
Shashank Sinha
Monsoons had struck Delhi. It was raining heavily. I reached till Civil Lines in Delhi Metro & met a couple there. They identified me from my bagpack. Most of us had shared our pics on Whatsapp just before setting off. We took a cab till Majnu Ka Tila.Our ride, barely a month old, Volvo (Chamunda).
Snigdha Gupta
We all woke up with a heavy heart since Delhi was around the corner and so was our dull and boring lives."The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life."McLeod Ganj and Triund can be visited umpteenth times. Every time you'll visit it, you'll encounter something unusual, fun and memorable.With loads of memories in my Happy Jar, it's time for me to sign off.Happy Travelling Peeps!
I took a half day from my office, reached home and quickly packed my bags. All the co-travellers were pre informed to meet at Majnu Ka Tila in Delhi. Also, everyone was provide with all the important details, trip itinerary and contact number of our 'happy-go-lucky' trip captain. By 7pm I reached the boarding point at Majnu Ka Tila and met my tour captain from Tripver community. He greeted me profoundly and introduced me to our group's solo travellers. There were three solo travellers including me - one was from Mumbai (' yaar itni dur se ') and another one from Faridabad working in a firm at Gurgaon (coincidentally we have a mutual friend). Then I met my amazing roommates, who were both school friends and currently in college. We boarded the bus and left for Mcleodganj at around 8.30pm.One of the reason I love travelling is that it brings people of varied age groups, backgrounds and even different regions at one place. There were total 20 travellers - a group of friends from Amity University studying Psychology, a girl who left her job at Google (stunned! aren't you?) and working for an NGO, two MBBS students and few others.One of the great things about travelling is that you find out how many good & kind people are there. -Edith Wharton
Snigdha Gupta
"I would rather own little and see the world,than own the world and see little of it."Right when I was a little kid, my father imbibed inside me the difference between a tourist and a traveller . So before you start onto my journey, here is something about me... A 22 year old lost soul. That's the best part, because when you are lost you discover the most enthralling places. A Computer Science graduate (because why not !😂), working in an IT firm (duh!), mother of a notorious dog, novice photographer and a stubborn perfectionist (Its a Capricorn thing!). Now that, you know me dear Reader, lets get started with this trip. My first attempt so bear with me. Tirthan Valley was in my bucket list forever, and coincidentally I bumped into Travel Triangle, an organisation that happened to be in telepathic sync with me in terms of travel destination.  So I took three friends with me, booked tickets and  was equipped to feel Nature.From time to time I will also share my experience with Travel Triangle, so that all the novice travellers can figure out whether or not to take this service. We started our journey from Majnu ka Tilla (Delhi) at 7:30pm. The busses were quite nice. The short journey, approximately 3 hrs long from Majnu ka Tilla to Karnal was perfectly timed for a stoppage for dinner.We had packed some food for ourselves, so we served ourselves the same. After 30-45mins we resumed our journey. Oh! We did have an amazing session of Ganja (Shivratri feels), so the night journey was amazing. Loads of laughter, stories, gossips and memories  allowed us to sleep at peace. Adventures lined up for the next three days...
Devraj Jee
Having taken Thursday and Friday off of work in the one weekend when my girlfriend was in town, the two of us took a bus from Delhi to McLeodganj. I was initially apprehensive about overnight buses through Haryana country but that was put to rest soon. The bus was super comfortable and filled with a good crowd. The only problem was the screening of Bahubali at full volume that ruined every effort to sleep. After dinner at the Ambala Haweli, we dozed off and had a peaceful full-night's sleep we woke up at dawn as the bus pulled into Yol. After that, the motion sickness pills worked their magic as we weaved our way up the hills into Dharamshala, finally stopping at McLeodganj hotel was in Upper Bhagsunag which was a short (although steep) cab drive away from the McLeodganj bus stop.
They say, ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’, and I was in no less desperate need to shake off the wretched days-old stress of work and the monotony of a rigorous city life. So, while indecision loomed large over me on a Friday morning—should I travel alone or should I wait for my friends to agree for a weekend trip, I gave into my fancy and impulsively booked a ticket for a Friday evening bus to the Himachali village of McLeod Ganj—a place neither too far nor too close from the capital. Plenty buses ply between Delhi and Mcleod Ganj, and almost all of them leave from Majnu Ka Tila (Nirmal Hriday Church).
Prateek Dham
This Tibetan settlement boasts of an outrageous variety (and quality) of replicas of branded footwear. Whether it's Nike, Adidas, Asics, Reebok, or another luxury brand, you can find a cheaper first copy of it here. The quality is decent as well.
Prateek Dham
Footwear for short and tall
Right after coming back from her trek to Anjani Mahadev, she thought she would focus on her work with fresh mind. She had no idea that she would end up in another vacation that too within a week. However, when mountains call, she must go. The dilemma continued in her mind regarding the next destination. Always longing for a new place with fewer crowds was her priority, which gives peace to her ever-wandering mind and soul. “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.” Keeping this in mind, she along with her travel partner boarded the Manali bound bus without knowing their next destination. Her partner had left on her to decide the destination. Many places popped in her mind but her heart was not agreeing to it. To explore the unexplored was her wish.
Disha Kapkoti
The Tibetan refugee colony near Gurdwara Majnu ka Tilla Sahib is the best place to find good Tibetan and Nepali food. Koko's and Ama Restaurant are food joints I can vouch for. Besides the food, Majnu ka Tilla is a shopping hub that dictates the style secret of the students of North Campus.
Prateek Dham
12. Have an authentic Tibetan meal at Majnu Ka Tila
Ashwani Verma
Sameer is also bitten by the travel bug. He spontaneously asked me "Bawa Kasol chale"?? He didnt even wait for my answer. We both started searching next buses for Bhuntar.Bhuntar is a gateway to kasol. One can reach bhuntar by taking any bus going to Manali and have to get down at bhuntar which is almost 70-80 Km before Manali and it takes around 12 hours to reach there from Delhi.From Bhuntar we took next bus to kasol. Trust me guys, that ride was a treat. Unmatchable beauty of nature you will vitness within that one and a half hour journey to kasol.
Chetna Patil
Came across this place as we had to take bus to Dharamshala. Majnu ka Tilla is also known as Tibetian colony of Delhi. You will find the whole area filled with Tibetian’s and numerous stalls specialized for Tibetan cuisine, Tibetan handicrafts etc. by these Tibetian’s. Their houses have a slight touch of Tibet decorated by prayer flags all-round the terraces, balconies and windows. This place is bit shabby and unhygienic. I spent around 2hours waiting for bus to start. And finally started for Dharamshala at 1930 hours from here.
Saurabh Jain
If you have booked the seat from from here, you can actually reach a bit early and the evening moment at the Monastery (just move towards the cross over bridge and find it at the opposite direction to the bus stand). You will have to feeling of being in Mcleodganj by seeing lots of Monks enjoying the evening tea and kids playing at the square.
Delhi gave shelter to quite a lot Tibetans who managed to flee from the prosecutions, providing them with free area to dwell on the city's outskirts. Getting to the little Tibet is quite long, but it’s definitely worth it! As it’s probably the only place where you can eat beef :) Get a plate of yummy momos, a bowl of avocado soup and tea with salty yak milk and avocado cream soup. Enjoy colorful flags rustling on wind and check out a few traditional Buddhist temples.