I Ate At Every Restaurant in Majnu Ka Tila and These Are My Top 5


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Majnu Ka Tila, also known as “little Tibet” is one of the fastest-growing food destinations in Delhi. Given our collective love for Momos, this place is the best to sate your hunger. This little place is situated right next to Delhi University, in Arun Nagar, and is bustling with students & locals looking for quaint cafés and restaurants.

With picturesque streets and prayer flags, this place is a hotspot amongst the Delhiites. Majnu ka Tilla offers a plethora of cuisines for all the taste palettes. From authentic Tibetan cuisine, to little cafes where you can spend time catching up with old friends, MKT, a mini-version of Dharamshala, is a must visit.

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Here are five gems from Majnu ka Tila for you to try on your next visit

In light of the ongoing pandemic, you can get delicious food from these eateries delivered to your home as well!

Ama restaurant, not to be confused with ama café, serves you the most authentic Tibetan and Asian food restaurant. This is one of the best places to go for soul foods. With a feel of home-cooked meals, their Thupkas are a must-try.

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What Should You Try? : Thupkas, crispy fries, salt, and pepper momos, tingmo (fermented bread)- with sour and spicy dips)

Price for two: 600 INR

Location : 40, New Tibetan Camp, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

Ama Restaurant does not offer home delivery on food delivery apps yet.

With the best momos in MKT along with a warm ambiance, this place is perfect to chill with your friends over food. This place offers a variety of breakfast items and Tibetan food.

The best of Tee Dee (c) epicurean_travelbuff

What Should You Try?: Tibetan bread, porridge, buff chilli, or sliced pork with mushroom egg fried-rice

Price for two: INR 500

Location : 32, Aruna Nagar, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

Order food online here.

If you are looking for more than Tibetan food, here is your answer. From Italian to Asian they have got you covered. The ambiance makes you feel like you walked right into McLeod Ganj. From French toast to Kimchi, they offer you the best of everything under one roof.

Thupka is love (c) Rigo Restaurant

What Should You Try?: Apple beer, sushi, chicken devil momos, Tibetan breakfast, banana pancakes

Price for two: 600 INR

Location : House No. 17, Tibetan Old Camp, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

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This gorgeous cafe is situated right at the banks of river Yamuna (as the name suggests) and along with some unparallel views, they also offer the best desserts, pasta, and pizzas in MKT. You can order pancakes for 60 Rs each and along with that a wide range of breakfast items. Oats porridge, fruit salads, and the usual scrambled eggs.

It's so fluffy I could die!!! (c) yamuna_cafe

What Should You Try?: Chicken Arrabita Pasta and Smoke Chicken Pizza, margarita, pancakes.

Price for two: 600 INR

Location : D-34, East House, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

Yamuna Cafe does not offer home delivery on food delivery apps yet.

Best known for its Korean dishes, this cozy little café is bound to steal your heart with its ambiance and food. Famous for their Dosirak (Korean thalis) and ramens, you should give them a go on your next visit to MKT

The Chilli Chicken Dosirak (c) koriscafeboudha

What Should You Try?: Korean Thalis, Ramen, Donkatsu, Fruit Beer.

Price for two: INR 500

Location: House No. 18-19, Tsampa Guest House, New Aruna Colony, Majnu Ka Tilla, Timarpur, Delhi, 110054

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