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September - May
Families, Solo, Couples
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Nizamuddin Railway Station

Darshak Pandya
After lunch start from Chandigarh for Nizamuddin. It was 267km long journey. We need to reach station before 7:30. We reached there on time. Tour guide handed our packed food packages and helped us with luggage. This way our trip ended. - Photography Portfolio
Rajat Kumar
At the railway stationAs the train was late by 15 minutes, I had enough time to find them. So, I called and met them on the platform. We were 6 and everyone had big travel bags but we didn't have reserved tickets, we all had general coach tickets. So, we had a word with a TT and finally we made a plan that one guy will sit in the sleeper coach with all the luggage while rest of us would be in general coach. The train started to move and everyone just got inside. It was thickly crowded. I felt like being in black hole. People were sitting every space they could find. We were on the footboard and were shouting that get inside, else we might fall. But there was no space. For some distance, we kept standing at the footboard, holding eachother's hands. Then a catering guy came and he made some space in the crowd. He got me a seat on a berth. I was surrounded by the people. Everyone was chewing tobacco, paan. And it was a disaster. They were spitting where they were sitting. Oh damn! How could someone do this? The foul smell, crowd made me feel uncomfortable. The same catering guy came and gave us meal boxes forcefully. He was like, "I got you seat, so you will have to buy it." WTH. Then he started blackmailing emotionally that he was poor, he got kids. I had to buy it. And the food was disaster. It was nothing close to the definition of food. I couldn't eat it. I slept. I was woken up by Brother Basil (group leader) and asked me to get ready to deboard.