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Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

Kavya Saxena
PS : In case, you wish to skip the Dargah, head to the quintessential classy experience of being a window shopper at the Khan Market. The upper floor at the Bahrisons booksellers still remains a delight, so are the grocery stores at the back, which stores tins of just about everything unimaginable existing in first world countries. Head to the Perch Coffee and Wine Bar, the place is a favourite lately with local crowd and is an all time favourite for its very very unique Coffee Sangria . Their dessert menu is equally enticing else finish with a Banoffe Pie from the Big Chill Cakery.From your busy lives, take a day off with your family/ partner and travel in your city. You will realise gems you had overlooked in everyday drill of life. Part-2 of Dilli Girl story takes you to through not so common shopping spots. Let the love pour !