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Dhawal Pagay
Founded by Anchal Bhalla, Tastesutra is a one-off experience whose ideologies lay emphasis on the overall cooking experience rather than a stereotypical cooking class. If you're looking for a wholesome cooking experience whilst in Delhi, click on the link below to explore more about Tastesutra. Link: http://tastesutra.com/Driven by an unabating curiosity for the food culture and experiencing it first hand, Anchal organized an informal 'Foodyatra' session for the members of the team, in an attempt to sensitize us with the local cuisine of Old Delhi. The Experience.We took to the streets of Old Delhi at 7:45 pm and as expected, we were greeted by a cacophony of horns; the labyrinth of narrow streets teeming with families and tourists. A first of its kind for me, the diverse variety of street food that was on offer was truly remarkable. Walking through these streets was reminiscent of our country's past, how we as a country have integrated and absorbed the different cultures of those who walked on our lands. Men, women and children alike, were gathered to observe the 'Iftar', a religious observance which sees the Muslims gathering together to break their daylong fast, as a family. You are treated to some of the most delicious food, the warm gesture of everyone around makes you feel right at home. The ebb and flow of the visitors make you drift along; row after row of vendors selling sherbet, kebabs, spices, and all sorts of exotic ingredients that I was unfamiliar with, lining every street. The air around carried an aroma; a homogeneous mixture, it was so indulging yet, so indistinguishable. Could I have stopped and inquired for what these dishes were? I could have, but I preferred not to. Why? The answer is inevitable; with the aroma of the kebabs that had me in a trance, like bees are to dahlia stalks, I was sure to lose track of my bearings. Tastesutra Tip: During the month of Ramadan, expect heavy traffic congestion along the way while keeping in mind that the best time to visit Old Delhi is arrival at either 7 pm, when the footfall is relatively less or after 11 pm when the festivities of Ramadan are in their full flow. The Tastesutra Menu: Deciding whilst in Old Delhi can be an overwhelming task, which is why we scheduled ourselves an itinerary, something you must do too if you really want to savor and soak in the ambiance and the charm of the place. Here is the itinerary that we came up with: Kebabs At Qureshi (Starter)Pyaar Mohabbat Sherbat At Nawab Qureshi Gur Ka Sherbat Biryani At Dil Pasand Biryani Wale (Main Course) Nihari At Haji Shabrati Nihari Wale (Main Course) Fried Chicken At Haji Mohammad Hussain (Filler) Changezi Chicken At Karims (Main Course) Sheermal at Haji Nadeem Sheermal (Desert) Kebabs at Qureshi: