Terminal 1D Departure

Gopish Monga
A lot was rushing through my head when I reached Terminal-1, the domestic airport of New Delhi. Just two weeks back a crazy idea hit me. Go Sikkim. Go Solo. I had made my mind. The same day I convinced my parents that going solo was indeed a great idea. Flight Tickets were booked the next day. And here I was at the airport eagerly waiting for the journey to begin. My flight was scheduled to leave at 12:30 noon. I reached Bagdogra airport around 2:30 noon.The person siting next to me was returning to his home from his in-laws. We talked a lot and he was kind enough to drop me to Siliguri Junction. I thanked him and I proceeded towards the shared taxi stand. Normally you could find a shared taxi to Gangtok for nominal fares. Not this time. The person at the counter told me that there would be no cars available for today. I walked outside to find out that two people were going till Rangpo and they were waiting for another person to dutch. I thought for a while and decided to go with them. At least I would cross the West Bengal - Sikkim border. From Rangpo, I took another cab which took me to Gangtok. So finally after taking 3 different cabs from Bagdogra, I reached my hotel at around 8 pm. I freshened up and had a talk with the manager.He informed that a couple had booked a cab for local sight seeing for tomorrow. I met the lovely couple and promptly joined them for the tomorrow's tour.