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The Hogwarts Kafe - Best Cafe In Ashok Vihar Delhi

Vidhi Bubna
Who wants to go to a Harry Potter themed cafe? Right in the middle of Delhi? I have some great news for all of you. You don't have to go all the way to the London Warner Brother studios anymore to explore a Hogwart's cafe. You can go to Ashok Vihar and enjoy great Harry Potter black magic and sorcery there. I had visited there just a few days back. The cafe is called Hogwarts Kafe. It is also present on google maps. Their walls are printed with Harry Potter themed pictures which brings the movie to life. They also have many props which help you feel like you are a student at Hogwarts too. They have a cloak, a pointed hat and a broom with which you can take pictures. Their food also incorporates the theme of magic and there is some mystical element in all their dishes. Who would want to miss all that? Forget your boring college life and take a break from work to head there for some magic.