Traventure Club

This non-commercial Expedition aimed to bring climbers dream into a reality. The sole aim of the Expedition was to bring reform in commercial world of adventure sports and tourism by making it “Cost Efficient”, "Affordable", "Economical" and most importantly "Doable". This is one of the objectives of the International School of Adventure Sports and Traventure Club. Unfortunately, we humans have also made nature as "money minting machine". We climb, because it is there!Adventure teaches what the classroom or book fails to. It teaches some basic essential qualities like team working, coordination, mutual respect and understanding, will power, strong mindedness and many more qualities that are positive. Only the climbers or the adventure enthusiasts can understand why we hike or climb. We lose everything to find the most important person of our lives, ‘OURSELF’. To all who have doubts in their head, I would like to advise you to kindly once step out of your comfort zone and see miracles happening. I can assure you that you would never want to go back to the sedentary lifestyle. The answer lies in the top!For further detail, kindly and