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Sunderbans National Park

Amir Sohail
Best time to visit: Sep-MarAnimals found- Bengal tiger, Fishing cats, Leopard cats, Indian grey mongoose, Fox, Jungle cat, Flying fox, Pangolin, Chital.
Innovation and talent! I guess no education is needed for these qualities! The villagers of Pakhilaray in Sunderban have proven the same! What would you do with a number of Tin oil containers!? Maybe use them as dustbins, discard it or sell it off for scrap! The villagers here hav made structures out of these like Chicken coops, Toilets, Hay storage rooms etc. I was thoroughly impressed and asked them why they don’t make out houses of these, to which an old man replied, “it’s tin so it heats up quick, it would be difficult to live in a house of this, but it’s fine to use it as a toilet or for storage”. This is brilliant example of recycling and upcycling!