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Mount Soma Boulevard

Prashanthi Pavadi.
Sri Someswara temple or as popularly known as Mt Soma is a serene Hindu temple nestled in blue ridge mountains. This Vedic temple is open 7 days a week and offers meditation hall, food and stay. Alike the temple, 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Gatlinburg to Mt Soma is equally beautiful and driving across these mountains is a treat for all generations. You get to see the various intensity of fall colors as you drive across. Apart from magnanimous scenic views, colors, steep concrete roads, you get to experience the countryside charm. I mean even during this age and generation especially in developed countries like America there are people who love to live organically. The view of the gorgeous mountains, peaceful temple, colorful leaves, cattle and the horses running around the huge farms was just insanely incredible.Parking: Free.Entry Fee: Free.