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Ooty Lake

This is the prime attraction of Ooty and is an artificial lake which was constructed by John Sullivan in the year 1824. This was made by making dams run by the waters from the river which flowed down to the valley region. The main motive was to help fishermen by making fishing ferries out here. T^he lake is beautiful and is surrounded by eucalyptus trees and one one side runs a railway line too. The boathouse from where you can hire boats of all kind. This was opened by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Department and boating is the main activity near this place. During the summer season, anumber of boat races and paegentries are held here.
We both wake up early in the morning, got ready fast and had breakfast from a near by hotel. Then we headed to the highest point in Ooty hill station called “Doddabetta”. We were the first visitors to reach there that day, and we had enough time to grasp all the mesmerizing view of sunrise without much public rush. From there we can get the view of almost entire Ooty and it was worth for that early morning ride. On the way back we visited the famous tea factories of ooty. We saw the manufacturing process of various type of teas and tasted some. The elachi tea tasted from there was really cool and it made us buy some tea packets from there. After having breakfast we went back to our room and packed or staff.
Ooty lake - Stretched 2.75 kms this lake was formed by John Sullivan. It is surrounded by eucalyptus trees, and shrubs. In May boat races are organised. Children park and Deer park are located adjacent to the lake.
Shipra Dubey
It’s a man made L shape lake which though is maintained well but the natural things are many to keep it subsided. The lake has a boat house.
Nancy Nance
Those who are interested in boating won't be disappointed as pedal boats and motor boats are available for boating here.