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Ooty Lake

This is the prime attraction of Ooty and is an artificial lake which was constructed by John Sullivan in the year 1824. This was made by making dams run by the waters from the river which flowed down to the valley region. The main motive was to help fishermen by making fishing ferries out here. T^he lake is beautiful and is surrounded by eucalyptus trees and one one side runs a railway line too. The boathouse from where you can hire boats of all kind. This was opened by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Department and boating is the main activity near this place. During the summer season, anumber of boat races and paegentries are held here.
Sweety S Patel
Ooty LakeOoty lake is an artificial lake and the water flowing down mountain streams in the Ooty valley was dammed to form the lake which has ferries being used to travel across the lake. The Boat house situated by the lake, which offers boating facilities. Other fun activity inside ooty lake Mini train especially for kids are 7D cinema Horror and Mirror House cost Dashing car Break-dance and Columbus.
Lake No. 7- Ooty Lake Right in the middle of the beautiful hill station is this  beautiful lake. Although Ooty is a commercial hill station it has some things unique to it...like the chocolates made by the locals... The lake is really huge with many resorts offering a lake view stay. There is a boating club too where you can either opt for a rowing boat or a motor boat... Its very peaceful to go around boating on this lake. There are many more attractions in Ooty like the Zoo, Deer Park, Adventure Arenas like the cycling track. How To Reach - Nearest city is Coimbatore from where you can take a cab. Its a 2.30 hour journey. If you are fond of Road trips then you can drive down from Bangalore too. Its a 8 hour journey but a very pretty ride. Where To Stay- Many options in Ooty for a beautiful stay. There is Club Mahindra Resort, County Club Resort, etc and many fun options like Zostel if you care going aloneHow Many Days- 3 to 4 Nights is a must in Ooty. Its a beautiful place for a quick holiday specially in the Winters when the pine trees paint the whole place beautiful.
Shubhi Choudhary
Placed near the Railway station, right behind the Central Bus Stand of Ooty, the very popular Ooty Lake is an L-shaped lake with a length of 2.75 km. You can take a Boat ride from 8 AM - 6 PM which offers the spectacular view of the lakeside misty forests. From the middle of the lake, the views of the surrounding forests capture one’s imagination.
Kishan Joshi
The first point which we covered was Ooty Lake. The lake is surrounded by Eucalyptus trees. The lake in the front was enough to bring calmness.
Roohi Chawla
We came back to the resort and enjoyed the scenic view of our resort.