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Ooty Lake

This is the prime attraction of Ooty and is an artificial lake which was constructed by John Sullivan in the year 1824. This was made by making dams run by the waters from the river which flowed down to the valley region. The main motive was to help fishermen by making fishing ferries out here. T^he lake is beautiful and is surrounded by eucalyptus trees and one one side runs a railway line too. The boathouse from where you can hire boats of all kind. This was opened by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Department and boating is the main activity near this place. During the summer season, anumber of boat races and paegentries are held here.
Kishan Joshi
The first point which we covered was Ooty Lake. The lake is surrounded by Eucalyptus trees. The lake in the front was enough to bring calmness.
Rohith T V
Ooty Lake is on the different side of the town close to bus stand and railway station. This is an artificial lake built in early 19th century. This is a typical lake we see in any hill station. The boat house situated on one side of the lake offers various boating facilities like paddle boats, row boats and steam boats.All through our trip I have been searching for a fridge magnet. A fridge magnet is a souvenir for all my travels. I get atleast one of them to any tourist place I travel to. I was disappointed to find that there are no fridge magnets available in the whole of ooty, coonoor and wellington.
Rakchhya Uprety
5.Ooty LakeA place famous for boating. This place has all kinds of boats - motor boat , row boats , pedal boats etc. A 4 seater pedal costs INR 290 for 30 minutes .I personally didn't like this place for many reasons. One, the place was extremely crowded. You have to stand in line for almost everything. Two, the entire place smells like horse shit ( Obviously , due to the horse riding available there). Three, even the water smelled weird and because of that , life jackets too.
Munjal Desai
16:00 to 18:00 - A leisurely evening to be spent at the Ooty Lake with paddle boats around.
The next stop towards ooty is the very famous 'Ooty Lake'- one of the best tourist attraction with boating activities and good play area for kids. Don't miss to take a boat and paddle to relax through the scenic beauty of the Nilgiris.