Upper Bhavani Lake,Ooty

10th Oct 2018
Photo of Upper Bhavani Lake,Ooty by Neha Kumari

The oyoti tour of this day remained a bit different, or because even today morning it was not even known that where is the go. Well, if you look in Trip Adviser then stick to the mind of a lake. The name of the lake was that of Avalanche lake and people were praised by the villagers, and this was what she had written, memorizing, Amazing thought, once thought, this place has come here. Talking to the hotel, he started making a mouth in the name of the lake. When we are sure of the tune of our mind, then we will continue to be determined in our mind. When we put a location in Google Maps, it was three kilometers away and we went out to interview this kind of hidden hidden lake in the lake.

On leaving the city of Ooty, on the way we got to see the houses of small densely populated houses, maybe they would be villages here, but some names were being seen even though they were written, but the black letters for them were buffalo equivalent. We go ahead while singing those languages ​​ignorance and gipises. Very difficult to see in a place written in English language, there was a lot in the mind that now the lake will be nearby. In the same manner a taximan came out after overtaking us and he said, "Come on, follow me." We were not able to believe so much on that, and on our way we went ahead and now the GPs told us that the lake is in three hundred meters and we felt that the floor has come and a glimpse of this hidden lake has also been noticed but Not to be more happy now, because there was no way to go to the lake, and after killing the arrow in the darkness, we kept on moving in that lofty road that maybe it will not be possible to go to the lake, but come Areas declared all will look nice lake which will make view-point on a place it is estimated they will be among the two or three minutes and Jeepis aunt explains that defy all speculation Avlanchi Lake from thirteen kilometers. Now our situation has died, what has happened, we have already arrived in Ooty from twenty kilometers to the interior. So far, the lake appeared to be equal to Naa and just now it was known that it is going thirteen kilometers ahead. Two cars in front of us were also returned from here but we thought that when it has come so far, then as far as GPs are showing the path, then they go. Now again the road with Khaterpatar came and the thick forest on either side It is so thick that the forest of Bandipur also fails. Well, now that you have come, you have to go ahead so far. About ten kilometers from here, the forest department received a check post and inquired about it and got the forest safari here. Now tell us that we came to the mantra in the beauty of the lake and the jungle safaris reached the jungle safari.

Jungle safaris will be seen later in the first couple of pet worship. A canteen was seen near Safari's ticket counter, which, after seeing it, felt like a sinking kayak got support. Immediately went in and sat down. Now tell the canteen who has to bring it to the finish. Now let's talk to him that you have brother, he has come and the final plane dosa has come. He is also without sauce. There was a big taste coming out of swear, even without it. Two two dosas we were killed like a cumin seed in the mouth of a camel. Someone has said the truth that hunger is sweet that food is sweet. The real taste of eating is known only when there is excessive hunger in the stomach. We have decided that when we have done so much work till now, we will go to see what they are showing and then go to the ticket counter and pick up four people safari tickets. Safari was taking a jeep in the jungle as well. In such thousands of jeeps we have gone to our Uttarakhand but they say that it is the excitement of going to the new place that was the same. This one-and-a-half hour safari had three pit stops. In the past, we stopped near a small fall. From here on the front a huge densely-looking hill was visible. Even before this we have seen many hills but we had a slight difference in the forest of this hill, it was that the trees came here like the cabbage flower. Meaning it can also be called the forest of Cauliflower trees, though its famous name is Sholay's forest. After looking at Sholay's forest, we went ahead and in a little while, we reached the temple of Mata Bhavani as the next stop. Seeing there, and looking at the warning from the thin-looking dhara in front of the front, there was some surprise to see how much such a thin-looking stream could be of sharp velocity. Well, without taking time to think about thinking so much, we go ahead because the desire to see this hidden nagali has so far caught a lot of attention. Moving forward, I can not understand what the Almighty is saying, showing a completely deserted area, a mountain without desert or a desert place. It was a pleasant place to be very happy and happy. Moving forward in the road, the place has come. Red soil appeared all around the lake and as far as seen, it looked like the red clay perimeter on the banks of the lake's blue waters. This meant that the side-side of the lake did not understand anything. It was only that, whatever happened as long as the entire hard work was successful, the ultimate place took place and the name of this lake was also known as Upper Bhawani Lake. Occasionally, we can reach a great place even with disturbances. We sat back to the lake for a long time and got back here. About forty-five minutes the safari left us on the check post. We still have to go to Ooty for 30 kilometers and that is also the path of dense forest, so go ahead in a hurry from here. From one place on the way

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