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Raja Mahal

Afsarul haq
यह महल ओरछा के सबसे प्राचीन स्मारकों में एक है। इसका निर्माण मधुकर शाह ने 17 वीं शताब्दी में करवाया था। राजा बीरसिंह देव उन्हीं के उत्तराधिकारी थे। यह महल छतरियों और बेहतरीन आंतरिक भित्तिचित्रों के लिए प्रसिद्ध है। महल में धर्म ग्रन्थों से जुड़ी तस्वीरें भी देखी जा सकती हैं।राम राजा मंदिर
Mansi Patil
RAJA MAHAL, which literally translates to King’s Palace, was one of the earliest structures built in the fort with its construction starting in 1538 AD. It was the first palace that we visited and despite its simple exterior, the interior of the palace was quite beautiful. The symmetry of the palace, built around large open courtyards, was quite stunning but the defining feature of this palace was its exquisite and colourful murals which were preserved extremely well in some of the rooms.One thing we loved about the place was that unlike most monuments, we had an almost unrestricted access to all parts of the palace which included access to the very top of the palace. We had to climb a long flight of narrow stairs to reach the top but it was totally worth it because from the top of the palace we had a wonderful view of the town, the river, the monuments as well as that of the interiors of Raja Mahal itself. We walked along the parapets of the palace taking in the view from all sides and then came down and exited the palace.
The Travellist
Make your way to Mahals at the cheapest price You just need a single ticket worth Rs. 10 to get into all the monuments in Orchha. The ticket is available right outside Raja Mahal, right behind the board of Hotel Sheesh Mahal and restaurant. Isn't that cheap thrilling? Raja Mahal is the best place to enjoy the evening light and sound show, heading on to the Jehangir Mahal where you appreciate the top view of the small town - feel the fresh air and gaze at all the tall temple peaks. The mesmerizing beauty of Betwa river and small ruins (place where common man in the kingdom used to live) in the areas of Jhorkas leaves you spellbound.