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Pashupati Market

shubham saxena
Earlier, the driver had told me about a Nepali market where imported goods, clothes, shoes, etc. are sold at a very cheap price. Now when I ask him about it, he tells me there's not much to see there. Okay. (Later I will learn that the Nepali market or Pashupati Market is at the India-Nepal border. About 12 km from Mirik, it is the gateway to the Kingdom of Nepal and a must-see for tourists. The road that leads to the market goes all the way to Kathmandu. Only Indians and Nepalese are allowed to cross over the border area.) It's 3:00 PM and I need to reach Darjeeling and find a good place to stay before it gets dark. So we resume the journey to Darjeeling. It's a beautiful hill-side drive through the vast expanse of lush green tea estates. We stop at a place to have tea. I love the Oolong tea the minute I taste it! I buy a small pack of it. After a couple of photographs of the beautiful flowers at the place, we are off on our way. Ecotourism and homestay facilities have made this small town an attractive destination for tourists looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday. It's a lovely scenic drive from Mirik to Darjeeling. We reach Simana, the Indo-Nepal border area where the road acts as a divider between both countries. I'm naturally curious as I haven't seen an open border between two countries before. The Indian side looks similar to the other side because the villagers are mostly from the Nepali community. I want to take a photo but the driver tells me that taking photographs of the border is forbidden and the security forces may object. Okay, whatever...
7. Pay a visit to the Pashupati MarketThe market is at the Indo-Nepal border and is a thriving market and centre for clothes, electronic goods and household items. You can find very good quality clothes, jackets and shoes at a cheap price if you can bargain well. But on the flip side, you can also get cheated! So think before you take any major shopping decisions here.