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June - February
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Loch Ard Gorge

The last day! You have to keep the best on your last day of any trip so that the memories can last long. Loch ard Gorge is a part of Port Campbell National park and is named after sailing Clipper Ship. Which took 3 months to reach Melbourne from England(There is a sad story behind this ship, will be shared on request).
Reetwik Jha
We reached 12 Apostles at around 6 pm, the view of limestone stacks formed by erosion was simply breath-taking. Then we went to explore the Lord Ard Gorge beach. We came back to 12 Apostles and went to the beach using Gibson steps. The Apostles looked like monsters from the beach. The beautiful grasslands with Cows grazing looked beautiful at the sunset, we felt as if we have come to a different world. We didn’t feel like leaving the place. Finally we left 12 Apostles at 8:30 pm and reached Melbourne CBD at approximately 11:30 pm.Day 3
Pei Xun
Loch Ard Gorge is the site of a shipwreck of clipper ship Loch Ard. There are a couple of trails around to explore the beautiful area, including steps down to the beach.