Kalinga Handloom

Arti Agarwal
There are numerous shops around the main Jagannath temple area, so if you want to eat, or buy original Orissa fabric or clothes, you can get items at a very reasonable price. Orissa fabrics are one of the most artistic, with a wide price range.It is worth mentioning, that though I was one tiny person in the midst of lakhs of people, not once did I feel "groped" or otherwise harassed. Most people were too busy in their own journey and otherwise respectful towards women.To head back to my hotel, I managed to find a rickshaw after walking for 1 hour. The rickshaw puller was kind enough to figure out all the detours and take me back to my hotel, because I was clueless about where I need to go.All in all, it is a journey worth taking, even if you do it only once in your life. But when you do, make sure to not litter the place, and to go there with devotion in your heart, else you will go back a disappointed, disillusioned "tourist" with nothing more than a few gifts, and no fond memories or spiritual transformation.For more of my stories, visit my blog The Eternal Traveller