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Swargadwar Beach

Arpita Banerjee
The Swargadawar beach is the most visited beach in Puri because the hotels and restaurants are right in front. No matter what time of the day you go, it will always be crowded with people. You can take camel rides or horse rides across the beach. In the evening, across the beach there are fish stalls, many people do not like the aroma of sea food but if you are a sea food lover then the fish stalls are a must try! There are also stalls with egg rolls and "chowmein" as they call it. Huge markets are located near the beach where you can get souvenirs for your dear and near ones. If you want to buy beer or whisky for the night there are many liquor shops located within the market.Near the Swargadawar beach there is a beautiful light house which gives you the glimpse of the large entity of water lying infront of you. But you need to go there in the afternoon as the light house closes at 5:00 pm. It is a must visit!
In the evening, it was decided to have a visit to Sawargadwar, literally the doorways to heaven, to have a taste of the famous Goja and also to have a look at the evening sea-shore.
Uma Dey
Very early morning at 5:00 we reached at beach to watch sun rise but we were not that lucky so it was too cloudy to watch but we don't get disappointed and had a walk through the sea shore for long and after that we take sea bath nad went to a beach side dhaba to had some amazing food with all wet cloths because we were so hungry. At evening went to the market located at swargadwar road and did our shopping. After that we visit the market at beach where one can find some really good stuff made from shells,artificial pearl or other stone jewellery,sculptures made by plaster of paris . Here our day was ended.
Pousali Ghosh
The name of the place justifies its beauty. In Hindi, Swargadwar means gate to heaven, though significant because of the cremation ground present just behind to beach, the main attraction is the Beach. Stretched alongside the main road, the beach is a huge part of Puri's main culture. Also, praised for hosting beach festival every year in December. It is not only beautiful because of its nature, it is beautiful because of the art shown by local residents on the sand by making beautiful sand sculptures. ranging from face of goddess Durga to face of Subhash Chandra Bose