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Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National park, established in 1936 with the name Hailey park and renamed as Ramganga park in 1952, got its gift name in 1957 once James John Corbett, the renowned naturalist and lensman. Jim corbett park is India's first National park and positively the foremost enticing Park in India. The Park is placed within the foothills of the chain, within the thick of lush foliage and uneven mountains with variable heights, starting from concerning 1300 feet to almost 4000 feet. It's believed that the place, largely lying on the banks of Ramaganga watercourse, has prospered an ancient civilization.The prime magnetism of tourists and wild life enthusiasts to the present Park is that the majestic read of Tiger with all its wildness, this park is a natural surroundings of the rare species of Tigers that face extinction. The headquarters of Project Tiger, Ramnagar could be a sensible place to remain.
Aprajita Parkash
The city roads of Ramnagar, gradually merge into the woods of Jim Corbett National Park, but the destination remains unseen. Straight following the roads we went deep into the forest and after crossing all, from a steep upward turn, begins the hills. Curves, turns, slopes running up and down, we go on with the frequent horns- "Blow horn on turns." Kilometers away, we started seeing the rocks painted as E*N with a direction arrow but the distance is only a surprise. On way we see some villages, some vendors selling chips and snacks, the trek paths and some small waterfalls. Every turn is proved to be a new frame to save a place in the camera.
Shayaan Ahmad Noori
Chandan with his few friends (Nittin and Pankaaj) have started a new venture Adventuria, which does adventure Sports. And all their Camps, resorts and hotels are verified properties. And they are highly Active in Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand.
Shayaan Ahmad Noori
DAY 3The morning we roam around camp and found many “Touch Me Not” plant. Those who don’t know what touch me not plant is. It is a leaf, which sleeps immediately while you touch them. There is a full farm, of these plants.
Shayaan Ahmad Noori
Now, he gave us the challenge to enter core areas of Jungle and to drink a cup of Tea. “Mid Night Tea Challenge inside Core Jungle Areas of Jim Corbett National Park”. Challenge accepted and we went inside the Jungle. Mr Ajit Negi has an Army Jeep, what a class. Full flow rivers and bad roads were nothing in front of it. I became a fan. Of course, he was driving on those terrains.So we had the cup of tea inside the mid jungle, with a strange feeling that at any given point of time a Tiger, Leopard, Elephant or any wild animal could attack you. Everywhere it’s dark, all you could see what car head lights could show you.
Shayaan Ahmad Noori
At night, the hill was not clearly visible, but what a view it was. River passing by, a beautiful waterfall. Further, I could reach a place, where I could see Two rivers meet. One was dusty, sort of flash flood and another one was clean. From the top, you could differentiate the colours. It looks beautiful.
Shashank Sinha
I was planning to book a resort beforehand, however, since it was off season, I later decided not to. I expected the usual rates to be less. It turned out to be an excellent decision. I drove for a short while (learning phase), where as bro and dad took turns as we crossed smaller towns.
Nikhil Aggarwal
2) Jim Corbett and NainitalOne more destination easily accessible through personal car. Explore the wilds and get close with big cats. Enjoy the night stay in huts in low level mountains. Relax here for a couple of days or get going towards Nainital. Take a essence of cool breeze. A walk near the lake at night will melt your city hustle and overload.
Nikhil Aggarwal
Lying below the popular hill station Nainital, Jim Corbett is a place for absolute Wildlife lovers. The reason is simple - The Jungle safari to the dense regions that has big cats like the Tigers, Lion and more. Photographers from around the country visit the place to get some crazy wildlife shots.
Pritha Puri
If you want to spend all your time indoors, experiencing the majestic beauty of the jungle from behind glass windows, then pick Corbett as your destination in July. Jim Corbett National Park sees rainfall from July to September. While it rains outside, it would be quite difficult to go for a safari or enjoy activities in the river such as rafting because the river becomes wild with strong rapids. While there is nothing more to do than gander at the lush green foliage, it can still be a paradise for people who want some alone time with nature.Explore the national park in winter, when you will be able to spot plenty of wild animals out and about.
Travel Fanatic
Good Morning ! Yeah ! Fresh and Fine ! Now headed to dine with all my packing done ahead to proceed towards Corbett ! I was damn excited to witness the wildlife of Corbett. The route was damn beautiful. Enroute I made sure before heading I visited the Bhimtal and the Nainital Zoo. I reached fairly well on time by 04:00 PM I was at my Corbett hotel. I checked-in into the Treetop Sterling, Corbett. The rooms were brilliant and I quickly stepped in into the pool. I had my plans to visit the National Park next morning and breakfast and check-out. So I loved a time at the pool. Socialized with a few people here. Had my dinner and slept.
Disha Kapkoti
The fight for environmental protection has once again reached the hill state of Uttarakhand and this time, the stakes are higher than ever before.The government of Uttarakhand recently took a decision to construct the Kandi Highway right through the core region of Jim Corbett National Park. This distressing news came in soon after Trivendra Singh Rawat was sworn in as the chief minister of Uttarakhand in March this year. The proposed route aims to connect Garhwal and Kumaon, two divisions of Uttarakhand, and reduce travel time between the two by two hours.But this decision taken by the newly-elected BJP government has faced severe criticism for overlooking the disastrous ramifications it will have on the wildlife of the national park.The project will not only include felling of trees along the route but also disrupt the ecological balance of the core zone of Corbett where human impact is minimal. The impending threat is on 50 mammal species, 580 bird species and 25 reptile species whose natural course of sustenance is set to be disrupted.In 2001, a project to carpet Kandi Road was halted after eight incidents of poaching elephants were exposed.
Silvi Das
The best part about Delhi is you can plan sudden weekends without a whole in your pocket. Delhi has the best possible neighbours, from hills of himachal to desserts of rajashthan delhites are sure to find their travelling sparks. It was one such weekend when we couldn't decide do we want wildlife or we want hills and that's when we decided to go for both afterall uttarakhand is our neighbour so we planned it accordingly. First Jim corbett and then Nainital. We started off early and reached Corbett by afternoon. The journey was a delgiht travelling in straight roads covered by dense trees on both sides, it'll surely give you the jungle thrills you were waiting for. On reaching we checked in to a beautiful resort called le roi. The forest area was closed because we went during off season but we drove our way to nearby forest areas and river.  The sky full of stars with fast blowing winds from the jungle perfectly synced with the resort pool area. The definition of a perfectly relaxing weekend I would say.
Cox & Kings
On to Corbett National Park. Distance 190km approx 6 hours drive. This morning, your journey continues to the wild tropical jungles of Corbett. On arrival, check in to your hotel. The rest of the day is at leisure. Overnight in Corbett (B, D)
Cox & Kings
After breakfast, proceed to Corbett. On arrival, check-in to your hotel. Embark on a jeep safari in the Corbett National Park, a heaven for the adventure seeker and wildlife watcher. It comprises of 520.8 sq.km. area of hills, rivers belts, plateau, ravine, savana grass lands. Here are invaluable experiences for adventurous and serious-minded wildlife buffs, photographers and anglers. You will find a variety of wildlife creatures including sloth bear, birds, deer, wild boar and if lucky, the majestic Bengal tiger. For the daredevils, the park also has several reptile species with fish-eating, long-nosed crocodiles, a few species of turtles and tortoises, the Indian python, viper, cobra, krait and king cobra inhabiting the park. The rest of the day is at leisure. Overnight in Corbett. (B, L, D). Nainital to Jim Corbett National Park ( Approx 4 hours, 150km)
Abutting the Himalayas, the oldest National Park, Corbett is not just home to tigers, but has much more to offer, apart from the majestic cats.
Praveen Hasolkar
I reached Ramnagar at around 11am, I went to Jim Corbett but the Jeep Jungle Safari was already full & I had to go back. I asked a Cobbler boy(7) (very nice guy) is there any other place to go nearby he told me there is one Durga Devi temple near & also you can go to Corbett Falls, I told him I will go to Durga Devi Temple, he told me also to pray for him when I go there, I reached temple at around 12:45pm, but it was too rush, so I decided to come back & go to Corbett Falls as I had not much time. So went to Corbett falls, reached there at around 3:30pm after having lunch etcWhen I saw Corbett Falls way & Corbett Falls I was thrilled to see it, it is extremely beautifully, I was there for around half & hour and after that there came 5 boys(8) who were from UP, we had chat they asked me from where I am, when I told them that I am alone & came from Thane, they very surprised that I alone came this long way. Looking at my excitement for waterfall they told me I can go & swim there, I wasted no time & went under the waterfall and asked them to take my pictures, it was great feelingAfter all that they told me where is my next destination I told them I want to go to Dehradun & Mussoorie, so they told me that they can drop me in their car till Haldwani and from Haldwani they told me to take auto till Kathgodham & from there I will get train to Dehradun. So they dropped me till Haldwani & from there I went by auto to Kathgodham Train Station. I was standing in queue of Current Ticket Booking & after 10-15mins there came one person who was having 2 sleeper class tickets from Kathgodham till Dehradun, I just took this opportunity & took 1 ticket and also found another person who took the other ticket, went comfortably sleeping till Dehradun
Tanmay Mittal
it was a weekend trip from our institute in Kanpur in June 2016. we started our journey on Friday by train from Kanpur to Moradabad and reached Moradabad by 2 A.M. in morning of Saturday. and then took a bus for Ramnagar which is around 81 KM away from it (around 2.5 hours journey), so finally we reached Ramnagar around 5 A.M. and was all set to start our first safari in the morning as we had a good sleep on the train.Park office normally opens around 6-6.30 A.M (you need to get some official stamp papers to start your safari), so in meantime, we did our breakfast as normally market opens around 4 A.M., buy fruits and other stuff for dinner ( we booked our accommodation in park itself in Jhirna zone and you don't get any eatables in the park ) and booked our jeep as there is a limit on number of jeeps which can enter the park at one point of time.Tip:-For the greater experience of the park, try to book your accommodation in the park itself and they open booking for the day 2 days prior to it and their site is worse than IRCTC. so try to book it patiently and if possible try your accommodation in Dhikala or bijrani (Corbett has 4 zones) as from these zones you can have elephant safari in the morning.
Pritha Puri
Winters are the best time to be a witness to the jungle folk coming out of their dark corners and hanging out in the sun. Just like any other person, the jungle animals too love the sunny side of winters and wildlife enthusiasts have a field day photographing these animals who are least bothered about who does what. Head to India's oldest and most famous national park, the Jim Corbett National Park, one of the best places to visit in India in January. This was the first protected forest cover to be given the designation of a national park. Besides watching a heard of antlers and elephants crossing your path numerous times, you can visit the Jhula Devi temple in Ramnagar. Come and see for yourself, why Edward J. Corbett was so in love with the jungles!How To Reach: Jim Corbett is easily accessible by both road and rail. You can hire a taxi, take a bus or drive yourself to Ramnagar. The nearest railway station is the Ramnagar railway station 60km away.
Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand: Perhaps the best time to visit this National Park is monsoons as it isn’t very crowded then but some part of the Park remains closed for safety reasons. There are however, four zones- Dhikala, Durga Devi, Jhirna and Bijrani that remain open to visitors throughout the year. Hardly 6 hours drive from the national capital, Jim Corbett National Park is a wildlife lover’s paradise. For those who love rafting, monsoon is probably a good time to head to this place as the Kosi remains depthless rest of the year. Hop on for some jungle safari, enjoy the flora and fauna present in abundance at this National Park.
3. Corbett National ParkOne of the oldest national park in India, Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand was created to protect the Bengal tiger – one of the first step for Project Tiger. Open jeep safari is one of the thrilling experience here and preferable time is in winter, so it also gets into the list of places to visit in India in November
Disha Kapkoti
The Ranger's LodgeWhy stay at The Ranger's Lodge: The property offers accommodation for guests in the reserve's core critical tiger habitat. This 3-bedroom bungalow places you in the middle of the wilderness with all the modern amenities you seek. Imran Khan, a leading naturalist living in the premises, accompanies the guests for the jungle safaris around the southern corbett area.Perfect for: Photographers and wildlife enthusiasts who wish to delve deep into the wild for the sole passion of the outdoors.
Disha Kapkoti
Tanhau - Your Private WildernessWhy stay at Tanhau: This is not a regular commercialised escape to the wild. Perched at an altitude of 4200 ft, Tanhau gives an authentic experience of Corbett National Park. Its wild surroundings make it a haven for bird watchers and photographers who find themselves blessed to find birds and animals unrecorded in the Corbett Area.Perfect for: Tanhau has three guest cottages for 6 visitors and the stay is extremely personal in terms of exploration of the nearby forest area.
Pritha Puri
Jim Corbett is India’s first national park, and continues to be the pride of our country. July to September remains an off-season for the park because of the onset of monsoon in August. But the experience of exploring the jungle never changes! You can hire a tour guide to take you for a safari inside the core areas of the forest. The Devi Mata temple can be easily trekked to, from the hanging bridge providing for an exciting adventure. The Corbett Waterfall and Jim Corbett’s house museum are very intriguing sites, which you have to visit to get a complete experience!The nearest railway station is in Ramnagar (85 km). You can also drive to Jim Corbett National Park.Off-Season In August
Disha Kapkoti
Your spot checklist for Ramnagar: Travel to the foothills of Uttarakhand to experience Corbett, the oldest National Park in India. Let this be the ultimate gateway to the natural habitat of 110 tree species, 50 species of mammals, 580 bird species and 25 reptile species. Best picks for budget hotels in Ramnagar under INR 2000.OYO Rooms Poolside CottagesAddress: Dhela Village, Corbett RamnagarHotel Price: INR 1799Click here to book now.
we booked a taxi and boarded towards jim corbett national park .the taxi cost us 1500rs per head. we went to a number of spots before reaching corbett. first being KHURPATAL , a small hamlet and a shimmering lake , hemmed in by precipitous hills . then we wenr to SARIA TAL , a small waterfall amidst the mountain. we then went to the CORBETT MUSUEM ,choti haldwani. house of jim corbett himself converted into a place of art . souvenoirs are to be bought from here. we finally reached RAMNAGAR in 3 hours where are jeep was waiting to take us into the forests. JIM CORBETT was a whole different experience.even though we spotted nothing but a deer the aura of that place is something. listening to stories of the man eaters and hoping to spot 1(unrealistic expectation) we finished the safari . it was uneventful but worth it.