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Winter (November to February) Summer (March to May)
Jungle Safari,Bird Wacthing,
Per Peson Rs. 1,750 - Rs. 3,499

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National park, established in 1936 with the name Hailey park and renamed as Ramganga park in 1952, got its gift name in 1957 once James John Corbett, the renowned naturalist and lensman. Jim corbett park is India's first National park and positively the foremost enticing Park in India. The Park is placed within the foothills of the chain, within the thick of lush foliage and uneven mountains with variable heights, starting from concerning 1300 feet to almost 4000 feet. It's believed that the place, largely lying on the banks of Ramaganga watercourse, has prospered an ancient civilization.The prime magnetism of tourists and wild life enthusiasts to the present Park is that the majestic read of Tiger with all its wildness, this park is a natural surroundings of the rare species of Tigers that face extinction. The headquarters of Project Tiger, Ramnagar could be a sensible place to remain.
Rakshanda Kadam
After the jungle safari, we came back to the hotel and took a rest the whole day long. At night, we took the bus from Jim Corbett to reach Delhi station. Loved every bit of our short stay at Jim Corbett, where we could experience life beyond the much-hyped Jungle Safari and Tiger Spotting. :)
Kuntala Banerjee
Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand is one of the prime and prestigious tourist destinations in India. Every year, the national park experiences a huge influx of tourists, mesmerising them with their exotic flora and fauna. The pandemic situation has curbed the travel a lot, disappointing many wildlife admirers and adventure enthusiasts. For obvious reasons, the moment the news of re-opening night stays at Corbett Tiger Reserve floated around, requests for bookings from travellers have started pouring in.
Tanhau Homestay is located on the edge of Corbett national park and I must say one of the most happening national parks in India. It is very easy to spot wildlife here and the owner of the homestay will also help in this. Tanhau specializes in walking safaris and camping experiences and owner of the homestay have spots where guests can camp under stars.
Abhinav Gupta
Travelled to Corbett on day 3. Enjoyed night at the pool and left for Delhi.