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Rayong Sunrise View Point

About 9 km away from Ravangla, on the way to Namchi is Rayong Sunrise view point. It is on the Ravangla-Damthang Road. If you are visiting Namchi from Ravangla get down at the Rayong Busty; here you must visit the pine forest, the trees are so tall that we would look puny underneath their shadow. As for the sunrise point, the place is not that well maintained. Its all bushy and slippery. There are stairs, got hidden under the bushes, follow the trail you would end up in front of a spooky resting place which is an unfinished monastery as it seemed. Had it been under maintenance it would have been indeed a notable place. The road from the busty to the point is a true delight to the camera lenses with the mountain peak and pine trees in the backdrop.