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The city does not have a commercial airport or a railway station and the nearest airport, as a matter of fact is 124 kilometres away in Bagdogra, West Bengal....

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Day 6 we started for Bagdogra airport to catch our flight, with a smile of satisfaction on our face and dreams of exploring North Sikkim and Pelling in future. · You can visit Sikkim any time of the year....

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Tsongmo Lake, Sikkim 737103
Tsongmo Lake is situated 38 km from Gangtok and at an elevation of 12,400 ft, the ethereally excellent Tsomgo lake is an absolute necessity on each visitors agenda. A twisting street through rough mountain landscape and sharp cliffs takes you to Tsomgo, which implies source of the water in Bhutia dialect. It is heared that in past times, Buddhist ministers would study over the water's shade of the lake to figure the future. The lake is likewise of extraordinary importance for the Jhakris of Sikkim who assemble here every year on Guru Purnima. For the visitor, a visit to the lake offers a glorious excursion. Rides on colourfully designed yaks and donkeys are offered at the lake site, which additionally has a variety of food stalls serving snacks and drinks. Snowboots and gumboots can be rented here. Tsomgo lake is open for both Indian and outside nationals, however international guests must be in a gathering of two or more and need to apply for a guests license through an authorised travel organization.
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Yume Samdong, Lachung
Yume Samdong is around 26 kilometers from Yumthang, another acclaimed spot in North Sikkim. Yume Samdong of North Sikkim is set at an elevation of 15,300 feet above sea level. Since the spot is in close vicinity to the border standing between India and China, a special license is required to visit Yume Samdong. The drive through the mountain amidst the unpleasant region of Sikkim is an breathtaking experience.The most imperative essence of the spot lies in the Azalea's scent. Azalea frames a major source of income to local people. They make the crude material out of which neighborhood people make incense sticks. Being set at high elevation, Yume Samdong in Sikkim remains snow loaded consistently. So it is advised to take preliminary measures before a trek to Yume Samdong is attempted. But for trekkers, the course from Yume Samdong to Yumthang is one of the most loved ones. It takes just about an hour drive to reach Yume Samdong from Yumthang. This drive is as sparkling as the spot itself.
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About Sikkim

One of the Himalaya's best-kept travel secrets, Sikkim is a welcome diversion from all conventional notions of an Indian holiday. Far from Rajasthan's royal trail, Goa's beaches and Kerala's backwaters, this tiny Indian hill state prides itself on pristine alpine forests, lofty snow-capped mountains, craggy landscapes dotted with quaint villages and a rich tribal culture brocaded with vibrant Tibetan Buddhist accents. As we were tired of our daily hustle-bustle , we needed a break from this monotonous life , and sikkim was the best option to get rejuvenated. We planned our tour like this- First we are gonna stay in Darjeeling for 2 nights , then Go to gangtok- stay there for that night. Next morning off to Lachung ( 2 nights) and then back to gangtok. I was really excited about Lachung specifically because i have seen a lot of pictures of that place and heard this is called the Switzerland of India, but i was also a little tensed about this trip because there were two elderly people with us- my uncle and aunt. We booked a resort Apple valley Inn which is in lachung and talked to the manager of the resort.Mr. Sengupta,He is a very friendly and helpful person. He told us to take a package tour of 2 nights and 3 days and offered us very attractive off-season discount.Village Lachung On a sunny winter morning we started from gangtok for lachung. The sky was vibrantly blue, no trace of clouds. The whole gangtok city was shining. On our way we saw male Scarlet minivet, verditer flycatcher , Bat throated minla. suddenly we spotted a beauty- Himalayan Monal . It appeared like a blue colour burst and before i could take a picture it vanished.

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Best time to visit Sikkim is from October to May

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