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June - February
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1 out of 3 attractions in Sakleshpur

Manjarabad Fort

- Manjarabad Fort is a Star-shaped fort built in 1792 designed by a French architect to mimic the Citadels back in France. But due to lack of maintenance, there isn't much left of it except the outline. You can distinctly see the star shape only if you own a drone camera and it is worth climbing 200 stairs only if you plan to carry a bed sheet, a picnic basket and spend a good 3-4 hours having a family picnic there.
Anil Kumar
This is the most complete Vaubanesque star shaped fort of India and also very well maintained by the local authorities presently. One has to hike few steps to get onto the entrance of the fort and the view from the top of the fort is mind blowing as you can see the dense jungle below and also the state highway can be seen. This fort is a must visit if you are also going to Mangalore via Hassan.