8 Specialty Lodging & Homestays in Sakleshpur that are nestled in the Rainforests of Western Ghats!


Less than four hours away from Bengaluru, Sakleshpur is a place that is loaded with delightful hilly slopes of coffee and spices! Visit the enchanting waterfalls or trek to the top of Green Route; witness the architecture of the temples or check out the age old forts which speak about the history of the bygone eras!

1] Hema Koota Homestay

Established in an eco-sensitive hotspot of the Western Ghats, Hema Koota homestay is established in a perfect rural setting! The homestay is surrounded with lofty green hills full of coffee, cardamom and pepper plantations. Attihally is tucked in the middle of two reserve forests, which are listed in the 18 most diverse spots in the world in terms of flora and fauna and they also receive the highest rainfall in the state. This area is also home to serene forests and a vast number of animals, birds and insect species. One can visit some of the most scenic unexplored rainforests and hidden spots, within a short distance from the home stay.

Where: Attihalli Village Sakleshpur, Sakleshpur 573123, India

Price: Approx. 5192/-

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Photo of Hema Koota Homestay, Attihally, Karnataka, India by Tanushree Patwa

2] Tusk and Dawn

Nestled in the Western Ghats, Tusk and Dawn is studded with evergreen forests, shoals and grasslands. Situated near the Elephant corridor and bordering the reserve forest, Tusk and Dawn is spread in 70 acres and houses well appointed cottages, log rooms and log house.They have successfully balanced between a home stay and a jungle retreat to ensure that they blend with nature while providing you the comfort that you need.

Where: Hanbal, Sakleshpur, India

Price: Approx. 6400/-

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Photo of Tusk & Dawn, Agani, Karnataka, India by Tanushree Patwa

3] Eka Resort Hallibyle Village

Surrounded by the taste of a farm lifestyle with freshly grown clove and pepper plantations, Eka Resort Hallibyle Village will revitalise your senses. Red coffee berries will add colour to your life and interesting activities will ensure there’s never a boring moment. Here you can fly a kite, catch a fish, toss a ball, take a swim, and dream by a glowing fireside at twilight.

Where: Hethur Post, Sakleshpur, India

Price: Approx. 7600/-

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Photo of Eka Resort, Hallibylu, Karnataka, India by Tanushree Patwa

4] The Hills

Nestled on the foothills of Western Ghats, the Hills Resort in Sakleshpur is a traveller's paradise situated amidst mighty mountains and milky clouds! Here you will find lush greenery, majestic hills and endless expanse of coffee plantations. The resort also flaunts of elegant and contemporary Swiss Cottages and Cottages made of wood specially imported from Indonesia.

Where: Kundalahalli Village, Sakleshpur 577119, India

Price: Approx. 5500/-

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Photo of The Hills Resort Sakleshpur, Urubage, Karnataka, India by Tanushree Patwa

5] Golden Wood

At Golden Wood, get ready for an adventurous jeep ride through the estate to get to your rooms, as the homes at Harley Estate are spread across a couple of kilometers. All the homes are nestled deep in the woods, and they give you the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate and relax. Check out the coffee lab and the pulping units. The place offers 3 different types of homes for your stay; each with a different experience and they also serve authentic Malnad food and have an option of BBQ in the evenings.

Where: Harley Estate, Sakleshpur 573134, India

Price: Approx. 6250/-

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Photo of Golden Wood, Kumbardi, Karnataka, India by Tanushree Patwa

6] Hulivana

The Western Ghats have been declared as one of the worlds 18 bio diversity spots & have been shortlisted by UNESCO to be included under its World Heritage sites. Amidst the ghats, there’s a peek-a-boo resort called Hulivana, and here, the only lights you will ever see is of the fireflies! Deep into the dense forests with no trace of civilisation for miles, you can only reach the place on horseback or their special jeeps, as there are no roads to reach here.

Where: Saklespur Taluk, Sakleshpur, India

Price: Approx. 3000/-

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Photo of Hulivana, Karnataka, India by Tanushree Patwa

7] The Malnad Times

Malnad Times is a private plantation retreat in the serene Western Ghats, where guests can cycle through the muddy trails or simply trek through the gorgeous plantations. There are five well equipped individual cottages with the plantation and paddy field as a back yard with some recreational facilities such as swimming pool, trampoline along with the various activities, including cycling, jeep safari, village and nature walks.

Where: Premgiri Estate, Nelagahalli Post | Hassan District, Sakleshpur 573134, India

Price: Approx. 2000/-

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Photo of The Malnad Times, Maragunda, Karnataka, India by Tanushree Patwa

8] Huli Kallu

Encircled with a tranquil atmosphere and surrounded by lush greenery, Huli Kallu is a homestay, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The homestay has a serene ambience and offers nature walks and some enthralling activities for travellers. The place provides cosy accommodation in the form of Tents, Dormitories, and Cottages. The rooms offer comfort and convenience, along with beautiful intricate designs and a plethora of essential amenities!

Where: Premagiri Estate, Nelagahally Post Devalkere, Sakleshpur 573134, India

Price: Approx. 6882/-

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Photo of Huli Kallu The Malenadu Plantation Stay, Maragunda, Karnataka, India by Tanushree Patwa