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Rocky Island

Saheli Bera
Rocky island is home to endless adventurous activities like rock climbing and trekking. This place is just 2 Km away from Samsing and sits within picturesque landscape. As the name suggests, this place is filled with rocks of varying sizes and shapes. From small pebbles to gigantic black rocks have offered strong obstacles in the way of dancing, sparkling Murti river. The rocks have taken up strange shapes and folds, that is mainly caused by the erosion from river flow. However the tortoise rock is most prominent and most chosen subject for photography. This place is surrounded with many trekking trails, that take visitors to remotest Indian villages near Indo-Bhutan border. Fishing is another favourite tourist activity of Rocky island. Local people suggested me to visit this place on a full moon. Camping under full moon and starlit sky and listening to the gushing sound of Murti river would do a perfect job for soul searching.