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Sanchi Stupas

Sanjay Saha
We all deserve a break after a weekfull of work and from a hustle bustle of our day to day life. And what can be a good option then a good road trip which is far away from the chaos of city. Well i am talking about a road trip from Bhopal to Sanchi. Sanchi is located for about 70 kms. from Bhopal. One can choose to go either by car or by bike. After beating the traffic when you reach to the countryside you will see the villages and farms which will give you a very soothing feel to your eyes. Roads are overall good except few patches. The beauty of road is mesmerizing. Scenic beauties like lush green landscapes, canals, flowing rivers and mountains will leave you speechless. There is also a railway track situated simultaneously, meanwhile the passing of trains make the journey more joyful. I prefer to go by bike which gives me a feeling of closer to the nature and at the same time it is more adventurous.
Aishwarya Rao
Our next destination was the Sanchi Stupa a World Heritage site by UNESCO . There are 3 stupas in the precints. The 1st Stupa was originally built by Emperor Ashoka . Next halt was the Udaygiri Caves at Vidisha which has Gupta period rock cut caves
The Sanchi stupa now on our notes
Shubham Kantharia
It was a very relaxing day but a much needed one. As I was refreshed again, I was totally ready for Sanchi Stupa and Udaygiri Caves. Sanchi Stupa, a world heritage, is basically buddhist complex representing stupas (a dome-shaped building erected as a Buddhist shrine). It is 48 kms from Bhopal city situated on the hill of Raisen district in MP. Before going to the top you will have to buy tickets as it is a world heritage charged by Archaeology Survey of India/Madhya Pradesh Tourism. Upon reaching to the top, I was directed to the Sanchi Museum followed by Sanchi Stupa.
Pooja Chaudhary
The archeological museum was established by Sir John Marshell after the site was discovered in 1818 by General Taylor. The museum also houses Sir John Marshall’s hut. Sir Marshal was instrumental in restoration of the structures excavated at Sanchi. Constructed in colonial style, the hut stands as a pure historical delight amidst lush green garden and a beautiful view