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Sanchi Stupas

Sreshti Verma
The Sanchi Stupa is the oldest rock structure in India, which dates back to 3rd century BCE. Commissioned by emperor Ashoka, this architectural brilliance is built over the relics of Buddha himself. Across centuries, more kingdoms and Buddhist rulers were built around the original Sanchi Stupa adding ornamental gateways and monasteries. The complex now is beautiful and spiritual for anyone looking for a peaceful retreat, whereas for Buddhists it is a major pilgrimage.
Pooja Chaudhary
The archeological museum was established by Sir John Marshell after the site was discovered in 1818 by General Taylor. The museum also houses Sir John Marshall’s hut. Sir Marshal was instrumental in restoration of the structures excavated at Sanchi. Constructed in colonial style, the hut stands as a pure historical delight amidst lush green garden and a beautiful view