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Sudarshan Raj
We all woke up early to witness the fantastic view of kunchunjanga.we got lucky as weather was clear allowing us to witness clear view of other peaks too i.e mt.pandim,mt makalu which along with mt kunchunjunga formed the famous shape of sleepin buddha.After having breakfast we started our trek to garibas.The distance from Tumling to garibas is about 12 kms.we took the diversion continued our trek through nepal side .The trail goes through a thick forest of rodedendrons.The beauty of forest left us mesmerised.We reached Sanglila National park checkost by 10:30 am.We stopped here for lunch and continued our 4km trek to kali pokhri which was relatevely easy as track was not so steep.Here we found why the name kalipokri was used as a large black coloured pond was present here.we had our lunch here and continued our trek to bikhebhanjanwhich happens to be at height of 3280 mts and 2kms from kalipokhri.From hear toughest part of the trek wa sgoing to start which would lead to sandakphu.whilst most of the people had opted for vehicle our team decided to take up this trek which happens to be 10 km of very steep climp through dense forest and mountains.Later we didnt regret our decisions as the view that greated us along the trek was just ming blowing and out of this world.we could easily see the clouds that lie below us forming a fluffy layer below us and the sky above the clods so clear yes we can say we were walking above the clouds.Climbing through the mountains with chirping of birds and leaves flattering air gushing past us all creating a music never got us tired .Occasionaly whenever we got tired our enthusiastic team mates cracked jokes and told us stories .we passed through mountain cliffs where we would shout our hearts out.
Others who were already up there, called for us to hurry up. As we ascended we were awestruck. We could see Part of Kanchendzonga (or Kangchenjunga) covered in clouds with bright white Kabru-N glittering in front of it and on the left another bright white peak, Kumbhakarna. It actually looked like a humongous sized person sleeping in front of us, The Sleeping Buddha. Others said they could see few more peak a while before.So we reached our pre-booked GTA hut number B. This room was quite better than one in Tonglu. There were proper toilet with buckets in it, though it was frozen. Even the drains outside were all frozen. But now we are accustomed to the cold. We went to the view point to take a better look at the Sleeping Buddha. But it was all cloudy by then.Then we went back to our hut and had a nice lunch with some RumPum (a local noodles brand) and omelette. Later we came back to the same view point again and then got to see the peaks again. We could even see few large peaks far left side of us. After seeing the mountains for a while we went outside, near the view point behind the trees we got quite good Airtel and Jio signal too.
Indrarup Saha
And we did find a clear sky - we realized that around 4.30 am in the morning , when the elderly caretaker of our lodge knocked at our door for waking us up.Within 5 mins we were at our feet, ready with 3-4 layers of clothing, woolens,jackets, caps and gloves. We walked up to the open space near Hotel Sunrise to witness one of the most beautiful mountain views in the world. Gradually, light replaced darkness....and we were awestruck!
Indrarup Saha
Finally we reached Sandakphu around 2.30 pm (started from Chitrey around 9.30 am). Here, we stayed in Namo Buddha Hotel which falls in India. There are few other accommodations like - GTA Trekker's Huts and a Forest Bungalow within the Indian border. Further up (about 100 mts) there are two somewhat bigger accommodations - Sherpa Chalet and Hotel Sunrise, both in Nepal.Behind our lodge was an Indian Army camp. From our small room we could see the Indian Tricolor fluttering continuously from dawn to dusk. As I mentioned, Sandakphu is known for its unparalleled mountain views and also for the bone-chilling cold Himalayan wind.
Sparsh Goyal
From scorching sun in the mornings to snowfall at the nights, we witnessed everything in the 7 days of the trek. Away from the city hustle, mobile networks and mundane routine - Sandakphu - Phalut is definitely a trekker's paradise. Walking along the misty mountains, following raw and beautiful trails, experiencing the serenity in the air and what not. This 78 km trek takes you through a number of small villages, variety of flora, pretty tea houses and trekkers' huts if you are lucky enough, you might spot a Red Panda too.