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DAY 3 – REACHING SANDAKPHUBraving the chilly winds and biting cold, off we went the next morning. Lying on the border of India-Nepal, the trail led us to our destination for the day, Sandakphu, and the view of the peaks kept getting better and better.The howling wind simply did not allow us to put up our tents and we had to settle for yet another night inside a tea house. After having our tea, we all settled in a dome-shaped shelter nearby to watch the sunset. As we waited, we were entertained by our fellow trekkers, a couple of talented crooners who sang wonderful songs. I sat there, lost in the melody of Prashant’s voice in particular and oh, what a mellifluous voice he has. As the day came to an end, the setting sun painted the entire sky with a brilliant orange hue and it was sheer magic. The feeling of being at such a high altitude, with the clouds right beneath our feet and surrounded by awestruck company, there are simply no words to describe it! I wished the night would never end. The enthralling music coupled with breath taking sunset view. Sheer bliss!
Indrarup Saha
And we did find a clear sky - we realized that around 4.30 am in the morning , when the elderly caretaker of our lodge knocked at our door for waking us up.Within 5 mins we were at our feet, ready with 3-4 layers of clothing, woolens,jackets, caps and gloves. We walked up to the open space near Hotel Sunrise to witness one of the most beautiful mountain views in the world. Gradually, light replaced darkness....and we were awestruck!
Sparsh Goyal
From scorching sun in the mornings to snowfall at the nights, we witnessed everything in the 7 days of the trek. Away from the city hustle, mobile networks and mundane routine - Sandakphu - Phalut is definitely a trekker's paradise. Walking along the misty mountains, following raw and beautiful trails, experiencing the serenity in the air and what not. This 78 km trek takes you through a number of small villages, variety of flora, pretty tea houses and trekkers' huts if you are lucky enough, you might spot a Red Panda too.
Sumit Kumar Rai
In the next morning I started my trek from sandkphu to srikhola which 16km away from sandakhphu. It is also a hard treck because your body has already exhausted in the last 4days and its a last destination of sandakphu trip. I reach srikhola in the evening and stay there for 1 night.