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Anmol The Family Cuisine

I did some research earlier about the good vegetarian reataurant(Yes, we all are pure vegetarians). Few of them were Anmol Multi Cuisine Restaurant, Meenakshi Bhavan etc. We went to Anmol Multi Cuisine Restaurant. Unfortunately, they were not taking Main course orders before 12 PM. We didn't have the patience to go to any other restaurant. Therefore, We ordered Idli, Dosa, Puri and few other breakfast items. Quality and quantity was good. Also, the price was decent.After finishing our Brunch, we moved to Ashoka Grand to check in. Booking was made from 24th June for 24 hour period. Best part is that there are no constraints in the timing part. Check in can be done at any time and 24 hours are calculated from that point onward.For Images of the hotel, please refer google images.Ours was non AC rooms and it was quite big offering enough space to put an extra bed. Tariff Charged was 2900 for 2 double bedded Rooms(3+2). We directly crashed on the bed after completing the formalities.Again, woke up at 5 PM and decided to explore the beautiful Shivamoga city and travelled to the merging point of Tunga and Bhadra River(Around 20 KMs from Hotel). Then we went to City Centre mall to hang around and had dinner at Dominos.