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ABOUT CHITRADURGA Chitradurga Fort or as the British called it Chitaldoorg, is a fortification that straddles several hills and a peak overlooking a flat valley in the Chitradurga District, Karnataka, India....

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Chitradurga is around 220 kiliometeres from Bangalore and to reach this place you can take the route Bangalore-Nelamangala-Tumkur-Sira-Hiruyur-Chitradurga via NH4....

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State Highway 48, Chitradurga
Chitradurga Fort or as the British called it Chitaldoorg, is a fortification that straddles several hills and a peak overlooking a flat valley in the Chitradurga District, Karnataka, India. The fort's name Chitrakaldurga, which means 'picturesque fort' in Kannada, is the namesake of the town Chitradurga and its administrative district.The fort was built in stages between the 17th and 18th centuries by the dynastic rulers of the region, including the Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas and Hoysalas as well as the Nayakas of Chitradurga, feudal lords in the Vijayanagar Empire. The Nayakas of Chitradurga, or Palegar Nayakas, were most responsible for the expansion of the fort between the 15th and 18th centuries. They were defeated by Hyder Ali at Chitradurga in 1779. Later the fort was expanded and strengthened by Hyder Ali and his son Tippu Sultan,who succeeded Madakari Nayaka V, the last ruler of the Nayaka clan. The fort is built in a series of seven concentric fortification walls with various passages, a citadel, masjid, warehouses for grains and oil, water reservoirs and ancient temples. There are 18 temples in the upper fort and one huge temple in the lower fort. Among these temples the oldest and most interesting is the Hidimbeshwara temple. The masjid was an addition during Hyder Ali’s rule. The fort's many interconnecting tanks were used to harvest rainwater, and the fort was said to never suffer from a water shortage.Distance: 209km
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Chandravalli Road, Chitradurga, Karnataka 577501, India

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It's Friday and all I could think of was my next 4 days of pure bliss! Happened to be ethnic day at work so, draped in saree and our usual last minute plans in mind, we were busy hunting for bikes to hire. Everyone was completely booked because of the upcoming long weekend so we decided to try our luck by going down to one of the offices. My friend and I rushed to Royal Brothers in Indiranagar and met the owner and lucky for us he decided to help by giving his personal bikes. Jackpot! I thought as I headed back to work to somehow get through the rest of the afternoon before I could get the hell out of the city! We decided to leave by 6pm so that we could cover a substantial distance before we called it a day. Well, as always, office meetings always happen when you have an important (better) place to be and that's exactly what happened. The meeting went on way past 6 and by the time we went home, packed and huddled up it was 8. After all the formalities and payments we were FINALLY on the road! 2 bikes, 4 friends and 500 odd kilometers ahead of us. So, here's the thing. The plan was Gokarna but different things awaited us. A light dinner and at about 9:30 we were heading out of the city and I was beaming. Cruising through the highway the only sound I could hear was of our bullets. A couple of breaks for smokes, snacks and a lil rest for the back and butt, it was already around 3am as we entered Chitradurga and we were welcomed by rain. Luckily, we found a place to crash on the highway itself and we called it a day.

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