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38 out of 40 attractions in Fujinomiya

Fujinomiya Tourist Association

vidhi bubna
There are many more activities in the city like lake cruising, tramway, hot water springs to bathe in, cave exploration. However, due to a time crunch, we couldn't experience those. I suggest you to stay in this city for a day. Fujiyama was the name of the city, now I recollect. Also, if you come from Tokyo, a great tip would be to take the bus because it is surprisingly faster and also makes you reach the destination without much hassle. For all you trekkers and explorers, do eat the fuji volcano shortbread at the peak in the momento shop. It is wonderful. It is the dominoz choco lava cake shaped as Mount Fuji. The taste is priceless. They also sell Panda pancake. The train tickets were also more expensive. My view of Mount Fiji- It is in the heart of Japan which embodies the tranquil and calming spirit of the nation. It is just like the spirit of a woman which is waiting to burst with her emotion in the dormancy of her heart.